Sunday, 31 May 2009


Summer came earlier this year. Weather these few days max up to 24°C, which is unbelievably hot!

I live in a tropical country, Malaysia, which does not has four season, and I never see a drop of snow for the first 20 years of my life. All this change after I come to UK. Heaviest snow (see here & here) in 13 years, and just love the touch of it. I miss snow now..

Thought that wearing as what I used to in Malaysia, a simple top with skirt plus a pair of day-sandal, would be precise for the 20-ish weather. Who knows, I still sweat!

Buchanan Street, Glasgow, filled with shopaholics and sun-lover.

Weather of Malaysia always exceed 24°C, anytime during the day, unless if your shower under the rain.

George Square.

So it's after exam so I think I should go out there for a walk, on my own. Sometimes it's a bit boring as you have no one to share your thoughts or anything you find cute! Or you do not have a second opinion. I miss my friends!

One day when I went across Gallery of Modern Art, I found this:

Can you see the top of the knight? There must be some drunken peep. I was thinking how dare he climb up to the top to put a 'hat' on the knight. The statue is double of my height!

Then had a sit in my uni's yard

It's relaxing and so stress-free. My brain will rest for 3 months and will be back in action in September. This means I will be going back to Malaysia for 3 months of my summer holiday! How good is it right???

So stay tuned for my update, see if I'm in Malaysia or UK.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

ARGGH!!! So tempting!

...a British fashion designer who venture into bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into mainstream.

Apart from studying, I cannot deny that I can't get my fingers off the computer. It's consider as taking a break. Then I came across some of Vivienne Westwood stuff which I like a lot. Not that I'm going to buy it but just to see..

Small Prom Bag 3655 Rosa, Price: £140.00 / $219.80

Giant Orb 4413 Gold, Price: £135.00 / $211.95

Pelle Nappa Small Bag 3655 Gold, Price: £145.00 / $227.65

Lady Dragon Shoe with Heart 1430, Price: £78.00 / $122.46

Three Strap Elevated Shoe 1003, Price: £110.00 / $172.70

Lady Dragon Shoe with Bow 1193,Price: £85.00 / $133.45

They are adorable, aren't they? Who can resist not to buy them?? But their prices are jaw-dropping! My personal favourite is the Lady Dragon Shoe with Heart in yellow! My favourite colour!

OK OK, I need to focus in my studies and earn a lot of money to buy them!!

I support original, though I know they are pricey. Hate those who use fake and claim they use the originals! Don't buy fake or imitation if you cannot afford originals.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Too many too little time

Ever wonder what will you do if you have a time machine?
Ever wonder when will you use it?
Ever wonder why you even need it?

Well, for this instance, I hope I can have extra time a day or freeze the time for, say, 6 hours. I have been working hard with my brain these 3 weeks and there's a week more to go! Then I'll let it rest for 3 months. Just like how u need 3 weeks for your liver to eliminate, regenerate and regrowth all the alcohol from your body after you get drunk!

I've used too much of my brain recently, a lot and have been squeezing a lot of brain juice. Hope all these have a good return for me!

One last exam to go! Then I'll be sipping my cup of blended juice, relax and enjoy the sunshine out there! Can't wait for summer to be here!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Halfway through!

(blue sky and white clouds with bits of sunshine shinning into the library)

After days of submerge myself in the library, I've done with 2 exams and I am only halfway through. I need concentration so library is my choice and I am loving it.

I bring along with all my essential, books, mobile and mp3. Not to forget my brain and my energy provider-food!

After some continuous studies, i need a break for some rest and recharge, just like a battery-operated machine. Done with binocular vision and just done with ocular pharmaceutical (drugs for the eye). Not sure to say how it went but i tried my best.

And, there's going to be more days of myself, hanging about in the library. Stay tuned for more interesting update.

P/s: All these pictures were taken using my doggy camera from my phone. SE W910i. I'm satisfied though not the best.

Friday, 8 May 2009

What makes you see things at near and far?

Just think of your eyes like a camera, which in fact the camera is made based on the optical system of the eye. If you want to capture something at distant and bring them nearer to you in a picture, you will need to use the ZOOM of your camera. Then there's something that might bulge in or out of your camera.

Same as your eyes.

It do it internally and you would not see it bulge in and out just for you to focus on something either at near or distance. It's all done by the crystalline lens inside of your eyes.

- cross-section of the eye anterio-posteriorly -
'Did u see the differences in the lens inside your eyes?'

So now, here's the question. When you get older or you might see your parents or grandparents doing something in common. They always think as if they need longer hands to read clearly, the further the better. Other than that, they can see fairly well for object at distance. And from then, they need reading glasses, a.k.a 老花眼镜. Right?

It's what we call PRESBYOPIA, or 老花眼. It's all cause by aging. On average, it starts for people aged 40 or over. The main reason is that the nucleus and cortex of the lens stiffen with age, with progressive hardening of the lens. There's nothing you can do to prevent this and it's a fact!! Accept it!

To simplify, the lens inside your eyes loose its elasticity like a rubber band that you use for a long time.

Happy reading!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My night with books!


After staying up at night for studying, of course I need something to recharge myself! Caffeine might not be too good for me in long term. Healthy body is what I need truly.

Since I'm away in UK, and I do not have those chinese herbs with me to cook the soup. So I found this a few months ago:

A1 Chicken Soup Spices.
It will help you to cook a nice soup, even if you're not excel in cooking. It's product of Malaysia and I bought in the chinese groceries store which is just about 100m from my doorstep. Follow the instruction and immobilise some yourself.

As for me, I use a slow cooker to cook. I didn't use a lot of chicken (because it might be to much for me to finish them all!), so I use a portion of it. Other things that I put in is of course, about 1.5L of water, lots of mushrooms (love it!), and lots of red dates. AND, don't forget your packet of spices.

Since it's studying week for me, I want to be easy and quick, I drink my soup in..

... a mug!!

It's so much convenient and easy to drink. Won't hurt your fingers if the soup is hot when you hold it!

Love it!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009



Monday, 4 May 2009

Worst month of the year???

May 2009 greets the world with the Influenza A(H1N1), Swine Flu outbreak.

With about 20 countries affected right now, and WHO is still worried whether more affected country is going to join the list. Just stay calm as it is treatable with Tamiflu (oseltamivir) or Relenza (zanamivir). Just make sure personal hygiene is done well.

Then, it's also going to be my very own horrible month. I will have my 4 final exams of the year this month. Can u imagine 4 exams???? How much studies and preparation I need to do? Sleepless night for studies and quick food for my stomach. I know 4 exams sound like 'OK' for some of you, as compare to how many subjects I took in SPM, 11!! This is university standard and Optometry ain't an easy course to do.

Exams starts on 15th until 27th May! Means I've lost the whole of MAY for anything else. Trapped with my books and need brain juice!! Wish me luck!

Friday, 1 May 2009

I wanna fly!!!!

I've not eaten any chocolate at the moment. Can't blog much about it. Only had some Belgium chocolate Brownies and hot chocolate. They are my never-to-be missed food & drink.


1st of May, Labour Day. I'm not working hence it's not a big deal for me. However it became a more overloaded day for me. I had 2 assessment in a day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Today also marked as the last day of uni, finished another term of another year. In September, after summer, I will be one level up. Can't wait to go home soon for my summer! BUT.... but.. before that, I need to prepare for my 4 hazardous exams!! ARGH!! No kidding. They are not easy and I need motivation.

Sadly enough, I will miss celebrating birthdays of my friends back home in Malaysia. To name, Adeline and JiaYiing. I miss you both!! I'm sorry I just cannot make it to be back home this time. Not to forget, Sarah's as well.

I'm pretty with just a few blinks, I will be back home in Malaysia. As for the moment, I still hope the spread of Swine Flu, a.k.a Influenza A(H1N1) will slow down rapidly.

Assessment had been going on throughout the semester, I feel numb about it and sometimes just dont bother at all. What a sad thing to say. I normally take a break after many assessment or test. Just enough time for me think what should I do ahead.

This is what I would do after my EXAMS. Set it free and let me fly!