Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A place so far from home yet I know it very well.

It's my final year of my undergraduate studies, and I've been here since 2007. Believe me, there's a big difference when studying overseas and a place near to home. The exposure makes you different. I am an independent girl but coming here makes my thinking more mature. I have a lot of thoughts recently.

I'm here in a metropolitan city of Glasgow, big yet happening, but kind of boring at night. I say it's happening because if you're a concert goer like me, it's never too bored. You can have Rod Stewart this week, Rihanna next week, and then Miley Cyrus the week after next. Clubs and pubs here are never too little.

I explore the city quite well, like how I know my hometown, almost. I know every corner of my university:

Now, I can walk more confidently around university, and seeing freshers walking about, finding their way to lecture room. I always wanted to asked where are they going but each time I'm in uni I'm almost late for class because I strive for extra 5 minutes of sleep. I know my way round the uni and know who to seek advice from if I need anything.

I walk, walk and walk. Walking my way to be a better person. Walking my way to be a professional. Walking my way to grow. Walking my way to know more about the world.

I might have thoughts that is different, but that's me. Personally, I think I adapt into the culture here quite well. Know their very-so-not-like-English-Glaswegian-knows-only accent, speak a little, knows the town well, the people's personality, also the fashion style. When I see lost tourist around the city, I would really love to show them the way they want to go to. I was like them years ago when I came here.

Sometimes I do peak through the corner, being an observant. I changed my habit, and knows how to cook a little.

It always sounds so fun to travel abroad, but honestly, there is the hard side. Well, think, you have to go through some hard time without your family with you; you decide, you plan, you do, you study, you manage your money, and you do a lot of stuff on your own.

After sometime, I will miss everything here, the life and the place. It's an experience that is valuable. One big tips for anyone who's coming to UK, have an open mind.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

So empty

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It's 10.30am in the library. It's so empty but it's a high time to get some self study.

Gonna meet up with supervisor later to talk about our Final Year Project. My topic is related to tears and its quality. Also related to the use of Contact Lens multipurpose solution in relation to tears. I'm gonna be an expert in tears.

Cry, cry, cry now! And ask me questions!!

Till then. xoxo