Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fruitful week

It has been a fruitful week. A week full of happiness and laughter. A week to remember.

Monday- Received deliveries from home. Love from home.

Tuesday- Stella, my dearest friend in UK came to Glasgow from Edinburgh to visit me. Had a long chat and some shopping!!!

Wednesday- Long lie in the morning.

Thursday- Bought 2 big head home, Winnie The Pooh Cushion. Then went to see Wedding Singer musical.

Friday- Gained a lot of knowledge from the visiting ophthalmologist. Love his lecture and feel more like an optometrist now!

Saturday- Trip to Edinburgh. Had some shopping and hotpot dinner with my friend, Stella. Finally get to visit her. Was there with my 2 great Malaysian friend in Glasgow! Dinner was ended with laughter, and lots of talkings!

What a great week!!!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Love from home.

Wintry weather elongates since last week, that I woke up every morning with minus temperature, and feels like want to cuddle under my blanket a bit longer.

The feeling of coldness all cracks with the warmth of family. Talking to family always makes you feel comfort and being paid attention to. They will never fail you. Love, love, love.

Today marked as another happy day of my life. My friend came back from Malaysia, then my parents passed some stuff to him to bring back to UK for me. I get some food from home, yay! Excellent! Also, this can be the late Chinese New Year food I enjoy. These 3 years, I have eaten the most dried meat (肉干) throughout my life. I still remember I only eat them during Chinese new year moderately.

When I am abroad, I miss eating dried meat, 肉干, a lot! Hence, I got another few pack of them today! As well as Laksa Sambal sauce from home too! I will cook some authentic Sarawak Laksa soon! Excited and I love them!

I know those celebrating Chinese New Year now might already had too much of dried meat. I only get to eat them now. You know, craving for something from home is so annoying when you are abroad with no access to have them!

Then, my cute young cousin, gave me some Chinese New Year cookies from home. It's tiger-shaped pineapple tart cookies, which signifies the year of tiger! Roar! The cookies are so cute! Yum!

So cute and chubby, right! Thanks, Jo!

Well, I'll continue enjoy my 肉干, then will blog soon! Happy 'Chap Goh Mei' in advance!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

The loud crackling sound of firecrackers, colourful blazing fireworks and the drums of lion dance, marked the people welcoming the year of Tiger. ROAR! Let us all be strong and tough like a tiger!

Seeing the glorious food on the table, I had a good dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY). Traditionally, families gather together on the eve of CNY to have dinner and a long chat, and waits for the clock to chime at 12 midnight. That time, firecrackers spurred the streets, although it's illegal to do so. Every family hope the God of Wealth heard them and brings prosperity to the family.

Again, this year, for the third time, I celebrate CNY without my beloved family. I am stucked in Scotland, still in uni during this festive season. Everyone back home in Malaysia is having a break and catch up with long lost friends. I missed the time we had open house during CNY, that I invited my friends over for food and fun! Wondering when is the next time there will be a chance like that??

Anyway, hope love and prosperity is with you this year. Let's roar to live another year of greatness!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Alexander McQueen

When I switch on my laptop, open my Internet browser, the first three tab I'll open are Yahoo! News, Hotmail and Facebook.

Today, when I came back from uni, Yahoo! front page says Alexander McQueen, a British designer, found dead in his flat in London. I was shock!! He's a brilliant designer, with lots of creativity and is always second to none.

I always like his designs although I cannot afford one. Fashionista loves his work. It's such a great lost to the world of fashion. Why would he commit suicide?? We do not have the right to choose when to end our life, it's all in God's hand. There's so much in life for us to see and enjoy, and be together with people we love.

Lady Gaga wears lots of his designs. If you see in her music video, 'Bad Romance', most of it are by designer Alexander McQueen. His designs are always the inspiration of many, and he proved it to the world too. The world is going to miss him and his work. RIP Lee McQueen.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Back from Paris; back to reality

Coming back from a trip to Paris and enjoyed the fantasy in Disneyland, I'm still in the mood of holidaying. Traveling is so relaxing, forget about the worries and just enjoy! I miss it!! The last Paris trip, I went with my high school friend, Sarah. It's always fun to travel with her and not sure when's the next one.

Now, back in uni. Things don't look that easy. Timetable is really full, heavier workload and tougher! One of the most approachable lecturer said to us, "... put your social life on hold just for this FOUR months. This will be the toughest semester for the course." ALRIGHT, I'll have to work hard now. Glance through lecture notes, and yes, they are tough! I want good results! I'm a geek!

I have lots to say about the fantasy and happiness I had in Disneyland although it's my second trip there, still feel like a kid! I need to choose photos and will upload in facebook and some of them exclusive to my blog here!