Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fruitful week

It has been a fruitful week. A week full of happiness and laughter. A week to remember.

Monday- Received deliveries from home. Love from home.

Tuesday- Stella, my dearest friend in UK came to Glasgow from Edinburgh to visit me. Had a long chat and some shopping!!!

Wednesday- Long lie in the morning.

Thursday- Bought 2 big head home, Winnie The Pooh Cushion. Then went to see Wedding Singer musical.

Friday- Gained a lot of knowledge from the visiting ophthalmologist. Love his lecture and feel more like an optometrist now!

Saturday- Trip to Edinburgh. Had some shopping and hotpot dinner with my friend, Stella. Finally get to visit her. Was there with my 2 great Malaysian friend in Glasgow! Dinner was ended with laughter, and lots of talkings!

What a great week!!!

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