Thursday, 11 February 2010

Alexander McQueen

When I switch on my laptop, open my Internet browser, the first three tab I'll open are Yahoo! News, Hotmail and Facebook.

Today, when I came back from uni, Yahoo! front page says Alexander McQueen, a British designer, found dead in his flat in London. I was shock!! He's a brilliant designer, with lots of creativity and is always second to none.

I always like his designs although I cannot afford one. Fashionista loves his work. It's such a great lost to the world of fashion. Why would he commit suicide?? We do not have the right to choose when to end our life, it's all in God's hand. There's so much in life for us to see and enjoy, and be together with people we love.

Lady Gaga wears lots of his designs. If you see in her music video, 'Bad Romance', most of it are by designer Alexander McQueen. His designs are always the inspiration of many, and he proved it to the world too. The world is going to miss him and his work. RIP Lee McQueen.

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