Saturday, 19 February 2011

Following rules and instructions

(Based on real story and I drew these little pictures)

Do you ALWAYS read the instructions or user manual when you're opening a pack? Do you read those little words behind a contact lens solution about the care system?

This story was something my professor in university told in our Contact Lens tutorial, which he observed happening in the train before he came in for work that day.

Here's the story:

There was a guy (let's called him 'Don-K") sitting in the train, putting both his legs up on the seats like he don't care.

Few minutes later, another man came in and starred at the Don-K. He took his glasses of and offer it to the Don-K. "Nah!"
He offered him glasses, saying:
"Take my glasses and wear it!"

"Huh? Huh?"

"Wear it, because you can't see what is written on the sign",
as he points on the sign below:

"It says keep your feet off the seats! I think you need to see an OPTICIAN right away!"

Then only Don-K put his legs away.

There's instuctions printed on the back of a packaging, is always meant for you to read, in order to use or do it the proper wear. It is the same as how you clean your contact lenses. Imagine you did not clean it properly and debris stucked on the lens, then you put it on your eye the next day. Yuck! It is the same as how you follow road signs to reach your destination.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Bored with your hair??

Noticed what's in common with all the pictures above? It's headband! I always find my hair is just straight and boring. And, I do not have a lot of time to style up my hair because I am a busy university student!

Blair Waldorf (by Leighton Meester) in Gossip Girl.

When I was little, mum used to buy me lots of headband, and I will always be rewarded with headbands if I get good grades in school.

The come back of headband was in line with the popular American TV series, Gossip Girl. One of the main actress, Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester was popular with her headbands. She has countless headbands. Who says headbands only for little girls??

Headband now settles all the hair styling fuss. I just pick one headband from my collection before walking out of my room. That's how easy it is to get my hair done. I am now in love with headband more than any other accessories. One big difficulty is that you do not know how to store your headbands.

I once saw a headband on my BFF's twitter and I absolutely love that headband. It was the Sereni & Shentel Willow Ice Ice Baby headband. She then let me know it's her cousin (Shentel) that made these headband and I fell in love with it. We both now has the same interest which is collecting headbands!

Sereni and Shentel:

Limited Edition Blair from Sereni & Shentel. Love this one as I do not have a green headband from theirs yet. Thinking of getting this. :D

I own quite a lot of headbands by them. I wear them when I dress up or down. Absolute love.

Garlands. These are the latest design in their collection.

Their headbands are available at and they deliver to anywhere in the world! What's not to love?

Juicy Couture:

Another brand which I love is Juicy Couture, in which they have lots of fun and pretty headbands too.

Their headbands are cute and available at or

There are a lot more headbands that I love. I get my headbands from anywhere as long as I love the design, they includes Topshop, H&M, Primark and some vintage store.

Ok, I declare I am a headband freak. Haha!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Happy Chinese New Year. It's the year of bunny and let's hop, hop and hop to a prosperous and great year!!!