Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Dear Scotland, see you in 2011

I'm starting to miss this scene, the wintry snowy scenery from Scotland to somewhere down south in England. I feel some sadness as I will not b able to experience this next year. The picture didn't turn out to be so good but it's prettiness will stay in my heart forever. It's so calm and picturesque. It's all white and nearer to fulfill my dream of a white Christmas.

Although there's still a bit of time before leaving UK, I start to treasure bits and pieces here.

(In the train from Glasgow Central to Salford Crescent.
Virgin Pendolino Train

Anna xx

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My ever-oh-so-lovely-one-and-only Christmas Card from home!

Woke up late on the morning on 2oth December, then as usual I always switch on my laptop before going to brush my teeth. (Yes, that's my routine daily unless I'm running really late)

On my browser, I have bookmarked some tab that I use always. Not to mention, it's Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, and then Yahoo! UK news.

I got an email from my parents, and turned out they sent a Christmas card to me, specially made by my dad. It's so lovely, isn't it?

It's so cute! But wait, what are these little shoes? My mum has a habit of keeping stuff, for many many years. Then over the weekend they found these cute little shoes of mine, during the time when I dont even recognise things. And, it's just during the time when I just have colour vision and start seeing the world. My dad took pictures of these little shoes and compiled them into this one and only Christmas card for me.

I love this card very much and thanks to my beloved mum and dad! Too bad I missed another Christmas with them but my heart is always there. I will be home for Christmas next year.


p/s: I'm leaving Scotland soon, away to Manchester, London then Austria for my Christmas and New Year breakaway! I will be inactive in my blog again!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Done with one exam and still have another one to go! I have things to share after the exam today, so I thought (why not?) spare a night off doing something that is not uni-related. This post is a wee bit long but I thought you would enjoy the pictures.

21st November 2010, I was out in town, off to the Christmas market, and got this yummy German Sausage. Weather was cold but was nice.

21/11/2010. Still no sign of snow yet. We (heart) snow.
These were the crowds from the Christmas Lights On celebration. Glasgow is a busy and crowded city, although not as busy as London. The night was just dry and cold!!

And here it is, first snow with my Winnie the Pooh.

27th November 2010. We heard a sudden cheer (not like someone who's drunk but cheer of a happy person), then we look out. It was the first snow of this winter. It arrives early, earliest in 13 years(?). It was snowing heavily and we waited for the right time to go out for pictures.

People had snow fight outside, having fun during the first snow. Normally, in UK, or particularly Glasgow for the past few years since I was here, first snow arrive in late December and it was jusr rain and snow. It wont be as thick as this during first snow. So, this year is weird.

27th November 2010. The residual of snow the following day was perfect! This is the backyard of my university. There was sunshine and snow. Beautiful.

28th November 2010. More snowfall the night before. Kept snowing till I think there's too much.
This is my university and the one on the right hand side is my faculty.

28th November 2010. We went out for a brunch, passed by George Square and again, there's snowfall. There's still lots of people out in town for Christmas shopping.

1st December 2010. Most of the snow melted and I thought I could wear my common boots rather than my snow boots. Looking out of the window, knowing it snowed overnight, and yes I have to put on my ugly snow boots again. I need to go out for my usual clinic, and I could not wear my snow boots for it. So, I need to bring another pair of shoes. It was quite troublesome and colleagues were also busy changing into proper outfit for our clinic to be professional.

I thought the weather was perfect for a day trip to the West End, so it was spontaneous trip after my clinic, bringing all my clinic gear (and no joke it was heavy), just try not to miss out any of the perfect scene. West End is my favourite reservoir of leisure.

1st December 2010. I thought this picture looks like as if I'm in Scandinavia, or somewhere in Austria. Love it!

And the famous touristy Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Some wee shop in West End, Byres Road.

Most people managed the snow well and even eat ice-cream when the temperature is the same as your freezer! People knows how to enjoy and look at its bright side despite the unpredictable weather.

And then, it kept snowing and it has caused much disruption to Central Scotland, including Glasgow (like I mentioned in previous post). Some of my classmate has problem coming in to uni and we have exams the following week. I told my friend who live far from Glasgow, if they need a place to stay the day before exam, I would love to accommodate them. Then it stop snowing over the weekend and weather seems fine.

6th December 2010. A day to remember. It was a SHOCK for the whole of Scotland. There's nothing we can do to beat mother nature. Snow arrives just during the peak time of the early hours of Monday morning, when most people are rushing to work. I woke up, look out of the window seeing Glasgow blanketed with snow again, I said to myself, "Yes, I hate snow now". And, oh dear, listening to the radio, many people were trapped in the snow for more than 8 hours in M8 Motorway. Till now, I heard the M8 Motorway was closed for 36 hours. Imagine people were in the car, trapped in motorway, cannot pee and no convenient store nearby, how miserable would it be.

I never felt as depressed and miserable in Scotland before. I went out to town that day, seeing many store in the mall are closed. I wondered "Is there a strike for Buchanan Galleries?", then I saw a note on most closed store that "Our store is closed today due to ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITION". There's not many people in town and it's as quiet as Christmas Day. This is not Glasgow. Not Glasgow. Many store closed earlier that day to ensure people can go back home safely.

This snow condition has placed Glasgow on hold for three days, causing Airport closure and transport disruption. Flights has been cancelled or delayed. It was so chaotic! Roads are icy and slippery. Grits supply do not arrive on time. Police department urged people not to get out of the house unless essential.

I went to supermarket today and find food are out of stock, even ready meals, especially pizza. Im not sure if people are stocking up food of just that supplies don't arrive on time. I feel like the city is shut! (Or the city going to invade by Aliens or Zombies that people won't go out).

I hate snow. Although I live in the city centre, I feel like I've been risking my life walking out there. So scary. Hope this gets over quickly. Oh well, I do hope it snows during Christmas though. I now can stand the temperature colder than your freezer at home, but the icy road is still my challenge.

Anyway, to prove how empty is Glasgow, here's a picture:

I took picture in the middle of the road. 6th December 2010. It wasn't late at night or early in the morning, but sky gets darker very quickly during winter. There was no car and so quiet. It's not like the busy metropolitan city of Glasgow.


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Life's different when it snows.

Have not been blogging for a while. Was really busy and still is. Last weeks weather was chaotic and being causing lots of disruption. Friends can't come to uni as snow thicken up to knees. People can't go to work because there's no transport available to be functional on road.

Snowing is pretty but there's nothing we can control the weather. Too much snow is like flood in Malaysia, both made up of water. I'd prefer snow just for a week and that's enough to cheer most people up. Snow melted now and it's so slippery. It takes me 10 minutes to walk on a 15 seconds route. Knock on wood, I do not want to fall on my bum.

Anyway, I'll update where possible as I may have exciting plan to announce!!!

Anna xx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

When I'm bored, I draw too

This is just a random illustration of mine, shouting "I'm a queen at heart and I have freedom to the world!"

If you notice that there are pictures in my lecture notes, means 'ahem', I was bored. I want to keep drawing and who knows I can have a collection one day! (in my dream, LOL)

Anna xx

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Gear ready

I have my winter gear ready. Bought a new coat, keeping me warm and glam. Has brolly (umbrella) ready for this rainy season. Not just keeping me warm but a pair of wellies is perfect for the season. Ok, time for some serious work. Ta!

Anna xx

Friday, 22 October 2010

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Bang, bang, bang! --> Mark Ronson.

Do you know who's Steve Aoki? He's one famous DJ. He's been to Malaysia and Singapore.

Today's story is not about him, it's another most popular DJ in UK. I'm seeing a good future in him. He's also Grammy Award winning DJ and Songwriter.

First of all, listen to this song first:

Valerie, performed by the 'Rehab' singer, Amy Winehouse. It's produced by Mark Ronson. He's a DJ and I decided to go to his gig as I want to see a different gig. I've seen boy band, alternative rock, R&B, electro-pop and now it's time for a different genre.

So, of course, it's Mark Ronson concert that I went to!

It all started here:

As usual, whenever supporting act came out, we're all just being impatient.

The lead singer is Rose Elinor Dougall, and the name of the band is The Pipettes.

Finally supporting act is over and behind-the-scene-worker starts to set things up:

Can't wait, can't wait!


Mark Ronson and his DJ set! He and his new silver-ish hair.

[Top Left]: In case you don't know her, she's Amanda Warner. She is one of the member from MNDR, an American group.
[Top Right]: Peter Wade
[Bottom Left]: Spank Rock. An American Rapper
[Bottom Right]: Kyle Falconer. A Scottish singer from the group called The View. He's from Dundee.. On the right is of course Mark Ronson.

From the above video you can see that how close I was to the stage! I was on the first row and nevertheless the best place of all!! (It'd be a lot better if it was One Republic's concert.)

Okay, the video was a bit short so if you're interested in the full official music video, see below:

We were dancing with his DJ mix. Very British style. Funky punky.

It was so good till the end of the gig. They ended the gig with the song Valerie. If you read my previous blog, about The Bike Song, it was so good. the crowds sang live together and the atmosphere was ace!

Happy me!

Oh, not to forget, Mark said the disco ball is the largest he ever seen anywhere in the world. It's indeed really big!


Friday, 15 October 2010

How cute is this song??

Stay tuned for something interesting! Promise!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Welcome rainy days.

Autumn it is.

As usual, it's always been raining here in Scotland during Autumn. It's my fourth Autumn here hence kind of get used to the weather.

Always, new gear for a new season will glam yourself up this rainy season, making rainy season less depressing. Anything that is velvet or faux fur is not ready for this season.

These two items will definitely glam up any rainy season. Not just in UK but I believe Malaysia raining season will be too become so much fun with them!

Top: Lulu Guinness Birdcage Dome Umbrella
Bottom: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Ankle Boots

I will enjoy autumn to the most!

Till then, x.o.x.o

Friday, 8 October 2010


I'm now in the progress of preparing my final year project. Just submitted my proposal draft hope I get better feedback.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A place so far from home yet I know it very well.

It's my final year of my undergraduate studies, and I've been here since 2007. Believe me, there's a big difference when studying overseas and a place near to home. The exposure makes you different. I am an independent girl but coming here makes my thinking more mature. I have a lot of thoughts recently.

I'm here in a metropolitan city of Glasgow, big yet happening, but kind of boring at night. I say it's happening because if you're a concert goer like me, it's never too bored. You can have Rod Stewart this week, Rihanna next week, and then Miley Cyrus the week after next. Clubs and pubs here are never too little.

I explore the city quite well, like how I know my hometown, almost. I know every corner of my university:

Now, I can walk more confidently around university, and seeing freshers walking about, finding their way to lecture room. I always wanted to asked where are they going but each time I'm in uni I'm almost late for class because I strive for extra 5 minutes of sleep. I know my way round the uni and know who to seek advice from if I need anything.

I walk, walk and walk. Walking my way to be a better person. Walking my way to be a professional. Walking my way to grow. Walking my way to know more about the world.

I might have thoughts that is different, but that's me. Personally, I think I adapt into the culture here quite well. Know their very-so-not-like-English-Glaswegian-knows-only accent, speak a little, knows the town well, the people's personality, also the fashion style. When I see lost tourist around the city, I would really love to show them the way they want to go to. I was like them years ago when I came here.

Sometimes I do peak through the corner, being an observant. I changed my habit, and knows how to cook a little.

It always sounds so fun to travel abroad, but honestly, there is the hard side. Well, think, you have to go through some hard time without your family with you; you decide, you plan, you do, you study, you manage your money, and you do a lot of stuff on your own.

After sometime, I will miss everything here, the life and the place. It's an experience that is valuable. One big tips for anyone who's coming to UK, have an open mind.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

So empty

Sent from my iPhone


It's 10.30am in the library. It's so empty but it's a high time to get some self study.

Gonna meet up with supervisor later to talk about our Final Year Project. My topic is related to tears and its quality. Also related to the use of Contact Lens multipurpose solution in relation to tears. I'm gonna be an expert in tears.

Cry, cry, cry now! And ask me questions!!

Till then. xoxo

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lack of updates

The car safety company didn't just test the durability of my laptop for the human safety, but indeed my laptop just crashed! Windows Vista is corrupted and it has been 2 week. Not sure how I survived but thanks to Sarah's netbook and my glorious iPhone which has unlimited internet that I still get connected with my friends and family. I'm waiting for my laptop to be fixed by my super all-you-can-fix daddy. Then I will update lots of long lost gossip.

I'm now back in Glasgow after been in many-confuse-me-and-you location- Aberdeen, Inverness, Isle of Skye, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dublin, Wicklow, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Even I myself confuses. In few days time, I'm away again. (What?!)

This summer has been crazy. Literally crazy, also the most productive ever. I had a hospital placement back in Malaysia, another longer placement in UK (one of the most systematic company I worked with), travelling, travelling, shopping, travelling and travelling.

People asked me where do I get all my money from? Well, I earn a little bit while working, also it's a lot cheaper to travel within Europe rather than flying all the way from Malaysia to Europe for a short trip. I myself is happy at the moment and amazed how many places I had been to in this 4 years. I'm way more than satisfied.

Time really does flies, I am now entering my final year of uni. I promise I will make the most out of it. I will not be dissappointed by myself. That's not me!

So.. until next time, you know you love me... x.o.x.o

Saturday, 17 July 2010

It has been a long time.

I did not blog since May when I was still in the mid of my exam.

I have quite a lot of stuff in mind to blog about but I just don't have the time. By the way, it's my first blog in Aberdeen.

I got a job up here in Aberdeen, it's further north of Glasgow, a much smaller city. The average age of people here are much higher than Glasgow, no offense. I believe this city has a lot more to explore, with stores that I've never seen in Glasgow. I'm okay with Aberdonian accent so far after being surrounded by three years of Glaswegian accent, which is a lot difficult to understand.

I'll blog a little bit more later! That's for now!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

VERY BUSY but will be the best month of the year!

Sorry guys for not posting anything for ages. Well, it's just one month max.

I have been so busy lately with my exam preparations. FOUR written exam plus TWO clinical assessment. Unbelieveable. All these within 16days!

As I promised, I will blog about One Republic concert, I still remember and will do so after my exam.

In between my busy schedule, I went to another concert. (AGAIN?!) Yes, I did. It was La Roux, electro-pop British band. A different genre people will lease likely to get involved with, unlike the more popular pop, rock, dance and hip hop music!

Elly Jackson from La Roux.

It's Saturday night so I take a few minutes to blog, keeping my blog alive. And.... I will have another concert to go to this month! I am so looking forward to it, and it's going to mark the ending of my exams (not quite yet). Stay tuned!