Monday, 28 January 2008

EDINBURGH, Capital of Scotland

2nd January 2008

Edinburgh Waverley Station. Arrived an hour of train from Glasgow!

Outside Edinburgh Waverley (Train) Station. Must take picture as soon as I step into this wonderful City!

Me, just outside the Tourist Centre

City view from Northbound Bridge

The picture I like most. Yeah!

It's the Winterfest of Edinburgh + Hogmanay Festival! [Hogmanay is the traditional new year's eve celebration in Scotland. It's the famous in UK]

Overlooking Edinburgh Castle from the city!

Overlooking part of the city @ Edinburgh Castle.


Edinburgh Castle

It's me again! Outside 'The Elephant House' which is the birthplace of Harry Potter. Made famous as the place of inspiration to writers such as J.K Rowling, who sat writing much of her early novels in the back room, overlooking Edinburgh Castle.

Not only Kuching funfair has Ghost Train; Edinburgh, too!

A view of the Ferris Wheel and the Scot Monument across the Princes Street Park. I like this one!

Louis Vuitton just opposite the side door of Harvey Nichols.

A walkway outside Harvey Nichols. Lots of Branded shop on this street.

Yes! I am too obsessed with Chocolate. These are the things I bought from Harvey Nichols Edinburgh: Chocolate Chips and Nuts biscuit, Drinking Chocolate, and Organique Dark Chocolate. Really amazing, although they are costly! Will go and buy again if there's any chance!

St James Shopping Centre. Lots of shop inside though not as big as mid valley megamall.

Night View of Edinburgh. It's really nice if you see with your own eyes!

This is me and Roselyn in the train, on our way back to Glasgow from Edinburgh. It's my tiring look there! But the trip was really fantastic! Anyone who would like to come to Glasgow, droping by in Edinburgh is really worthy even though Glasgow is much much larger!

Monday, 21 January 2008

Glasgow Cathedral

On New Year's Day, I went out with Roselyn for a walk and see some of the Glasgow Historical place as all the shops are close on this day.

We woke up late this morning, I steamed some 'SiewMai' as breakfast. Yum! Even though on 1st January, all the shops in shopping arena are closed, We would not want to spend our time in the room, just sitting the whole day.

So, we went to city walk and go to Glasgow Cathedral, a must see place for all tourist! Took some pictures even though it's a rainy day. Just being a little bit obsessed with camera! The following are pictures i took:

This is opposite Glasgow Cathedral. I quickly take picture whenever i see it's nice

Let Peace Fluorish!

Cathedral House Hotel. I like the forks. They are cute!

Glasgow Cathedral. One of the Scotland's most magnificent medieval buildings. The cathedral is the only one on Scottish mainland to survive the Reformation of 1560 intact. Named after St Mungo, Glasgow's patron saint, the Cathedral is built on the site of his tomb and marks the birthplace of the city.

Unfortunately, we went on the 1st January so they are not open. Otherwise, we may go in and take nice pictures which i saw from my flatmate.

Thursday, 17 January 2008


Although it might be a little bit late, but still HAPPY NEW YEAR!

[Picture (above): Me and Stella, happily drinking on the move!]

We want warm and nice eat-in New Year's eve party, so that is what we basically had as main meal. We have deserts and lots of drinks as well!

My flatmate, Wen, and I were preparing Hainam Chicken Rice for dinner. Isn't it amazing? Eating very local Chinese food in Glasgow.

We were having so much time enjoying out New Year's Eve to welcome 2008! We played monopoly and twister. Twister was fun and you REALLY have to be flexible to be survive in this game. Picture above: Min Shan, Crystal, Me and Stella (can only see her legs) looking tired after playing Twister... It's fun!! I played 3 times continuously and when i want to play for the fourth time, no one bothering me. :( It's ok. It's great!

Do we sound boring on a New Year's eve? Maybe.. But we we enjoying ourselves very much and I do not even know how to explain the feeling. It's another memorable event in Glasgow that I will never forget. Of course, I have superb friends with me!

APART FROM THAT, I am really happy to have Roselyn to join me in Glasgow for New Year! It's really a long tiring journey for her to reach Glasgow. I am so touch and hope she will come again. She only stay in Glasgow for a couple of days but Glasgow is too big to explore within this short period. Well Roselyn, hope you really have good memories of Glasgow and WELCOME you to come again!

Friends, I really love all of you to come to Glasgow and visit me! This is a nice place, great people, great city!

I had an amazing New Year with nice New Year Resolution. So what's yours?

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Christmas Flashback 2007

Joy to the world, the Lord has come!!

Christmas is a wonderful festival that I love so much. It's the celebration that I have been waiting all year round.

Joy. Love. Smile. Peace.

(Stella, Min Shan, me & Wen)
This is a picture of me and my wonderful & friendly flatmates from Taiwan. We were the only four person in our flat who stay for Christmas so we would have to enjoy this festival to the fullest.

We went to a Spanish restaurant- La Tasca for Chritmas Eve dinner. The place and food is fantastic! I like the place very much!!! We ate a lot. While we were ready to order for dessert, the women in the next table asked us in a smiling way, "You still have room for dessert?" Haha. Of course we do! It was a happy dinner that keep us warm in the inside when actually the weather is cold out there!

25th December. CHRISTMAS DAY!

We have Christmas tree in our kitchen! We made it to the most for the Christmas mood. HAPPY! HAPPY!

This festival is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. People gather around to keep this season warm and happy.

So here we are! We invite people to join our Chirstmas Hot Pot Party in our kitchen! I ate a lot until my stomach feel overloaded. We have loads of food and being happy to get together with many people. We have 2 pot that day, one spicy and the other one is chicken. Of course i join the spicy group. It's so nice to be able to eat Hot Pot in a foreign country during this winter season!

After that, we have karaoke and people sing till morning. But me, I choose to sing until aound midnight as I want to be ready for the 'Boxing Day' shopping in the city the next day! There's loads of people around, especially ladies to shop till they drop! Many shops has discount over 50% and this is the largest sales event in UK that many people cannot miss. I am one of them! I did not buy much as there were so many people and feel lazy to wait for the long queue. I did bought some cheap price product that day and I am happy with it.

This is what we have? NO! It's not enough for people like me who has huge appetite. We have desserts. I bake cup cakes and bake apples (it's nice, learned from one flatmates). I get good feedback with my baked apples. If there's opportunity, I will bake for you all if I am free or back in Malaysia!
Anyway, CHEERS! I will keep blogging.
[Next blog would be an interesting one. Please be patient!]