Sunday, 24 January 2010


I'm done with the three exams of semester one. I'm not sure ow I feel but I think they can be a lot better. There's no point for me to think about it as nothing I can do to change.

Exams are over but cough is visiting me. This is something I dislike, even worse when I am going to travel in 2 days time. This time, I'm going to Paris! Bonjour Paris!

I've been there before, about 15months ago. Paris is a place that I really love, able to visit there again is a plus! Of course, whom I am going with this time is different from my first trip. The overall feeling will be different yet unforgettable!

Though I am a poor student in UK, I will try to travel around as often as possible while keeping up with my studies. I believe I still need to go back to Malaysia in the end which is where my heritage is .

Was chatting with my fellow classmates the other day about our future. They were saying it's such a pity and sad thing that I have to go back to Malaysia in the end after I am qualified. A friend said we should have a reunion in Malaysia after everyone is qualified, which is a brilliant idea. At the same time, they would be able to visit my hometown. I do promise them that I would definitely come back to Glasgow to see them all. :) Future is something that we cannot predict but live your life happily as you can is the most satisfied part of this challenging life.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Love these sunnies

I've been wearing appropriate UV protected sunglasses since I start driving, although I got some of the casual one for outdoors, i.e. sports. The one you seen from the picture above is from RayBan, a brand that I fancy.

This year, they came out with a few of the extraordinary ones, different from the classic RayBan sunnies. They play with colours and I really love to own one of them!

My personal favourite

They are so cool, aren't they? Might get one ready for the summer!

What more to say, sunglasses is the new 'in'!

I won't mind trying this out! Gaga's sunglasses rawks!!!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

UK big freeze!

Happening last week, and was claimed to be the coldest winter in 100 years! Said it was due to the the wind blew from Scandinavia. Think Scndinavia's coldness loves me; was there the week before new year, which was absolutely freezing! Now, I experience the exceptionally cold in the usually-not-so-cold-British-isle.

Coldest is -11'c but this is the coldest I've recorded in Glasgow.

While I'm blogging now, it's snowing outside. I HATE snow now. Ask me why. I have a long story to tell.

I still love the feeling of staying indoor, enjoy my cup of hot chocolate while looking at the wintry snow outside. The after-story of a snow is terrible though, when it starts to melt and road is going to be very slippery.

Ok, now back to my studies and enjoy UK big freeze!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Quiet for the next 20days

I had a fabulous time in Zürich, Neuchâtel, Genevé, Engelberg, Stockholm and London. Went to these places for Christmas and New Year.

I'm now back in my own room, stuck with revision for my exams (I don't want to screw up this time)! Hence, I will stop blogging for the time being.

Sunrise @ Neuchâtel.