Thursday, 14 January 2010

UK big freeze!

Happening last week, and was claimed to be the coldest winter in 100 years! Said it was due to the the wind blew from Scandinavia. Think Scndinavia's coldness loves me; was there the week before new year, which was absolutely freezing! Now, I experience the exceptionally cold in the usually-not-so-cold-British-isle.

Coldest is -11'c but this is the coldest I've recorded in Glasgow.

While I'm blogging now, it's snowing outside. I HATE snow now. Ask me why. I have a long story to tell.

I still love the feeling of staying indoor, enjoy my cup of hot chocolate while looking at the wintry snow outside. The after-story of a snow is terrible though, when it starts to melt and road is going to be very slippery.

Ok, now back to my studies and enjoy UK big freeze!

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