Sunday, 24 January 2010


I'm done with the three exams of semester one. I'm not sure ow I feel but I think they can be a lot better. There's no point for me to think about it as nothing I can do to change.

Exams are over but cough is visiting me. This is something I dislike, even worse when I am going to travel in 2 days time. This time, I'm going to Paris! Bonjour Paris!

I've been there before, about 15months ago. Paris is a place that I really love, able to visit there again is a plus! Of course, whom I am going with this time is different from my first trip. The overall feeling will be different yet unforgettable!

Though I am a poor student in UK, I will try to travel around as often as possible while keeping up with my studies. I believe I still need to go back to Malaysia in the end which is where my heritage is .

Was chatting with my fellow classmates the other day about our future. They were saying it's such a pity and sad thing that I have to go back to Malaysia in the end after I am qualified. A friend said we should have a reunion in Malaysia after everyone is qualified, which is a brilliant idea. At the same time, they would be able to visit my hometown. I do promise them that I would definitely come back to Glasgow to see them all. :) Future is something that we cannot predict but live your life happily as you can is the most satisfied part of this challenging life.

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