Sunday, 14 August 2011

Now then I know, haha!

As you get older, you know a lot more people. At the same time, you lost some friend. Friendship is a thing that you need to put effort, not just one side but both parties.

Anyway, it's such a small world that I'm in Miri, working as an intern to promote my university in Glasgow, and the colleague here turned out to be a girl who went to the same college as me when I did my A-levels. I answered questions by students, also by colleagues. I think I'm doing a pretty good job telling people about Glasgow. I'm just sharing the truth and I really like Glasgow as a place to live in.

With this internship opportunity, I do not just share about Glasgow but also about making friends. Glad that my classmates in Glasgow are uber nice that we still keep I'm touch!

The colleague here in Miri, told me about what other courses (students from our college) think about my A-Levels gangs back I'm 2005 to 2006. They thought we were a bunch of clever kids (not really for me) who do not need to study yet having good results. They often see us walking around campus happily, always cheering in a big gang. We always know how to have fun! I thought we were just a bunch of crazy college students, who dont care about anything else except that we treasure friendship. Other school/class students do know about our existence. I'm surprised!

I was flipping through my old school certificates folder, I realized that I was such an active super girl who joined lots of competitions and activities that I couldn't really recall. Now that I have turned older, energy level reduced, that I'm not as active as I used to.

Hey, how old am I? I should get my energy pumped up and live a healthier happier life!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Work-related Travels

Hello all,

Guess where I was? And where I am? It is sometimes difficult to keep track of my whereabouts, unless when I start my full time job.

Yes, I was in Tanjung Aru Resort of Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah. I was there in KK doing internship for INTO Scotland for my university in Glasgow. It was a great and fun experience studying in glasgow.  People had been so friendly In Glasgow and fun-loving! Friends I known from my university visited my another friend who lives in KK. So, my KK friend brought us out after my work at GES Global. We went to Tanjung Aru Resort for the orangey sunset. It was really warm (where I got a bit of tan) but it's worth it!

It is a place recommend to go to, that you do not need to fly all the way to Santorini for the oh-so-expensive sunset!