Saturday, 19 March 2011

Go Green!

It was long ago when i wanted to blog about this.

There has been lots of things going on to this world, with Brisbane's flood, Christchurch's earthquake, and now the world most concerned Japan's Tsunami and nuclear explosion.

Not just the natural disaster, the climate change has been really worrying, with UK big freeze arrived early (click here to read post about it) and some country is chopping of trees in the forest for some money revenue. There are lots of awareness about why we should recycle, and what can we possible do to save the earth.

It was the fashion week for Spring/Summer 2011, when Jil Sander came out with a new bag that women should own to be fashion-forward. There's always something that fashionista could do to save the earth, similiar to Anya Hindmarch's "I'm not just a shopping bag".

This was what the German designer brought to the runway:

It'a an orange-coloured acetate bag.

I can't deny that many fashion blogger and fashionistas own one of this bag especially in their signature orange. It has brought very much attention into the world of fashion.

Would you as a person who has tight budget, will buy this acetate bag to add a designer's stuff to your collection, and trying to be noticed?

This acetate bag, measuring 32 cm by 58 cm, costs £90 (RM450) from

Oh well, I know it looks sleek and simple, but I would rather use the money for some other good use. Probably, for a pair of good shoes?

If I really want to go green, I would use my own shopping bag, and I do own one shopping bag, also orange in colour just like Jil Sander's:

It's my Sainsbury's shopping bag. I look fashion forward, right??? Another additional advantage for this shopping bag is that it is 50% recycleable. If any of your out there want one of this shopping bag, let me know and I'll get it for you for 5p (RM0.25) + postage. You would look fashion forward, too!!

Till then! x.o.x.o

Friday, 11 March 2011

This inspires me

This many look like an advert for Apple iPad, but it gives me thoughts and inspiration. Don't ask me why.