Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Swine Flu, a Pandemic fear

As you all might be aware of the new air-borne disease, known as Swine Flu. It kills people and originates from Mexico.

Everyone is very concern about this and there's cases of it in UK right now, from people who just came back from Mexico. A newlywed couple who went for honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico, has been diagosed with the flue. They are from Scotland and now under treatment in a Scottish hospital. Their condition are getting better and recovery soon. Let's pray for them!

UK, being a developed country, has now getting ready for the vaccination for this disease. Flights to and from Mexico has cancel until 5th of May, inclusive. The awareness here is quite well done. People who just came back from Mexico is now under inspection and will be under quarantine if it is suspicious of getting the disease.

Everyone out there, here's some tips for you in prevention of the spread of the disease. Also, for your own health. When you cough, do not cough to your bare hand, but into a piece of tissue or into your elbow. If you cough into your hand, remember to wash your hand after that. Get used to wash your hand regularly, particularly before and after meal. Using anti-bacterial soap or alcohol-based hand sanitisers (recommended, as I've tried this out in my Microbiology lab).

For more information, click here.

I really do hope this disease go away as quickly as possible. I just hope it don't affect my flight back to Malaysia from UK in more than a month time. I want to go home!!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

THE Yellow Boots

(you might need to know a bit of Malay in order to understand this post. don't worry, I'll explain a bit)

Boss: I'm going to show you the oldest television in the world.
King Kong: Is it?? Where? Boss, where's it??

Malay (English):
Tali (rope) + Besin (Basin)

(then the boss put the rope into the basin)
Boss: Look into the basin, and do u see reflection???
(the 2 worker, KingKong and AhGoon, look into it very SERIOUSLY,..)
King Kong & Ah Goon: Yes... there's some reflection..
Boss: Then you've just seen the world oldest television!! Because.. tali-besin!! (pronounced as tar-lee-bay-seen)

Still don't get it?
I teach u how to read:


(read them real fast..)

Then it might sounds like the Malay word for television which is 'televisyen'. It might not be a posh word but it does sounds like how the people in rural area get to know about TV for the first time then they will pronounce it as 'tali-besin'. HAHA!

ACTUALLY, the above conversation is adapted from a drama series from Singapore, a comedy. If you're a fan of it, you will know the boss i mention above is PHUA CHU KANG!! The drama series ended in 2007, and i had a recap of it from YouTube last night. It was part of my anecdote. I had a great laugh!!

"PCK Pte Ltd, best in Singapore and JB.... and some say Batam"
"Dont pray-pray"
(means don't play play)

Saturday, 25 April 2009

17°C on a Saturday

Alarm don't rings on weekends for me. As usual, i woke up pretty early on a Saturday morning, by the glaring sun that shine into my room. Sleeping until you wake up naturally just make your day feels good, what more to say it's a pretty Saturday morning!

Too bad I don't have plans to go out. I'm such a lazy bum. Gotta stay in to set up a timetable for my upcoming semester exams. Cannot afford to do badly in exams! Motivations!

Day out like this, with zephyr relieves the heat of sun, makes a spring day PERFECT! Miss those day of wearing a T-shirt with a skirt in Malaysia. I'll do the same in a few weeks time when weather permits.

UK does not has many funky places to visit, but when the weather is fabulous, taking picture anywhere is great. Anyone fancy a picnic, with checked mat and basket, eating sandwiches under the sun??

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

So touching!

There's an email circulating around, which I just receive hours ago.

Here's the story:

One day, a son asks his dad "Daddy, would you like to run a marathon with me?". The father says "yes".
And they run their first marathon together.

Another time, the son asks his dad again "Daddy, would you like to run a marathon with me?". The father says "yes son".

One day, the son asks his father " Daddy, would you run the Ironman with me?"
The Ironman is the most difficult triathlon ever (4 kms swimming, 180 km cycling, 42 km running?)

And the dad says "yes".
The story looks simple until you watch the following clip. Just amazing, how much can love be...

Tears rolling down my cheek as I watch the video.
It shows how great love can be. Love our parents, they are the best! And love our Almighty God!

Everloving Edinburgh

Many times, I hope for a prestidigitation, to turn back time, seeing old friends and flashing memories.

Sunshine has glare most part of UK, and it's the season of Spring that flowers blossom. Also, season I adore. Follow by Spring, it came the one week Easter break. I make 'full use' of it, by having so much witty time. :P

Edinburgh is my choice of destination. To meet up with my dearest friend whom I known ever since I came to Glasgow, Stella. She is such a lovely girl, who now moves to Edinburgh for work. I miss her quite a lot as we share a lot of common interest.

Together I have 4 other friends with me, going to an alluring city. It was the first trip for some. Mine, second.

The girls, upon arriving.

Been to the castle, been to the main attraction.
This time: Queens Gallery, Holyrood Palace & Park, Dynamic Earth.

Been a weather conscious myself, I am excited with the fabulous weather we had. Just nice and alluring.

Myself, I like the Holyrood Park, took a wide angle picture of it.

Last but not least,

Our delighted faces has prove everything. We are happy.


Saturday, 18 April 2009

Conquered A.B.C

Isle of ARRAN
Isle of BUTE

Scotland is famous for its scenic islands and highlands. I've been to three, Arran, Bute and Cumbrae. They are absolutely idyllic.

... 24th May 2008...
Isle of Arran

On a fine summer day, any picture you capture would be just perfect for your computer's wallpaper. The isle have their very own dairy products like milk and cheese. Also they produce chocolate, skincare and toilettries (called Arran Aromatics).

...18th April 2009...
Isle of Bute

I'm lucky enough to hop on this isle on a perfect day, bright blue sky, blue sea with breeze of wind. It's is a much modern island than Arran, with banks and supermarket from mainland. Very relaxing and stress-free!

... 21st May 2008...
Isle of Cumbrae

Too bad, I went there on a cloudy day. It ain't too cold during end of spring. Cumbrae is commonly known as Millport by Scottish and is a very small island. Me and my counterparts, cycle round the island within a few hours. If you're lucky, you can see seal!

Through my pictures, looks like all three places looks the same but they are all unique! I just came back from Isle of Bute and will blog about it in details on how I have my fun there!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Liking Scotland

Living in Scotland for about 2 years now. Nothing much here that I don't like, apart from not having a car to drive around.

Still remember the first day I enroll in this friendly university, a lecturer from US, who's my programme leader of First Year, approached me as I went into the room and said, "You're here for Optometry, right? Come on in!" and followed by "I remember your last name as Bong but I can't remember your first name,"

At that instance, I knew I have made a right choice to come all the way, half the globe to Scotland, just for a university degree. He's Dr Harry Obach and I don't even know who he is when I first met him!

Everytime, whenever I'm bored or wanted to release some post-exam stress, I would go for a shopping. As usual, shopping in Glasgow main street (Buchanan St), you will always hear street artist, playing bagpipes and I just fell in love with the music.

I enjoy the rhythm while walking around, even if it's just window shopping. Some might find it annoying but I am different.

For a while, I have not bought any chocolate as I have bought too many few months ago. I have like unlimited supply of chocolate in my room. You'll always get to eat them if you come to my room!

It's been a week since my holiday and I only have a few days of it. Happy moment went away so quickly! I have not done anything much serious for a while now. Should make full use of this holiday.

I had a great EASTER weekend, how about u??

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Following by the previous post, I went for a dinner at this amazing place in Ashton Lane of Byres Road. It's called 'Ketchup'. To me, it's a very American-like restaurant.

That day, I ordered 'Mushroom Delight'. Rate: 4 of 5. Burger is massive!

Their chips are bigger and thicker than my thumb. Definitely a thumbs-up chips! The best I ever had. Impeccable.

The restaurant have their very own ketchup, called K-sauce. Does not contain any preservatives and colouring. Taste is just as nice!

Everyone ate different burger and the meat is as thick as your thumb! Just cannot explain how good it is.

Our happy faces after an early dinner! woohoo~

Their restaurant open until 2am, which is very odd in UK. They serves insomnia meal for supper lovers.

44 Ashton Lane
Glasgow West End
G12 8SJ
Tel: 0845 166 6011

Friday, 3 April 2009

Who's Dr Who? Who who who???

Text received on 30th March 2009
S: Hey Anna! Are u still up for the Dr Who exhibition in Kelvingrove? Cos I need to pre-book the ticket.
Anna: Yes, sure! I'm going!

Do you know what's Dr Who?? All I know is that it's a British Science Fiction Programme by BBC. And I heard it's a bit cheesy it you're not a fan. I vaguely know about it.

Assuming that I should know more about what's happening, so I give it a go. In fact, I doubted if I should go, thinking it might be like the time when i went to Beatles Story and came out there knowing a lot deeper about the band.

The exhibition is held at Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, from now until January 2010. Concession tickets available.

It was such a nice weather out there, bright blue sky, with breeze of wind at temperature of about 14 degree Celcius. Walking out there without wearing a jacket feels a lot like a typical spring/summer day.

Then we went in around one-ish, after trapped in Subway for 20minutes.. Upon entering the exhibition hall, I saw a few mannequin that their head will turns, popping up and some bin with words "Open this bin if you DARE.." But there's nothing inside, they just want to try your guts. hehe.

She is Zu-Zanna, from series 1, episode 1, Bad Wolf.

Now then I know who she is. There's different 'monster' and 'bad character' coming up in each episode and Dr Who who travels there to fix and fight with those bad character, using his amazing watch and screwdriver.

This is one of the most interesting one. Don't you think he looks eerie?

There's quite a lot of them there, costumes of the character to the making of the mask, to the production, to the creation and drawings of different charater.

Then... there's me and the famous Daleks! He's the first monster which came out from the series in 1963, frequently remark in their instantly recognisable metallic voices, is to "Exterminate!" all beings inferior to themselves.

Till date, Dr Who has more than 700 series been broadcast. Quite interesting tho. It's popular among young teens in UK as well as children. I've know more about Dr Who now.

We ended our Dr Who trip with an afternoon tea in KG Cafe of the Museum, with a view over the park. I had a Special Hot Chocolate and a desert with is in-line with the theme of Dr Who.

The Supreme Daleks: A desert of Ice Parfait and Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry syrup. Yum!