Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Following by the previous post, I went for a dinner at this amazing place in Ashton Lane of Byres Road. It's called 'Ketchup'. To me, it's a very American-like restaurant.

That day, I ordered 'Mushroom Delight'. Rate: 4 of 5. Burger is massive!

Their chips are bigger and thicker than my thumb. Definitely a thumbs-up chips! The best I ever had. Impeccable.

The restaurant have their very own ketchup, called K-sauce. Does not contain any preservatives and colouring. Taste is just as nice!

Everyone ate different burger and the meat is as thick as your thumb! Just cannot explain how good it is.

Our happy faces after an early dinner! woohoo~

Their restaurant open until 2am, which is very odd in UK. They serves insomnia meal for supper lovers.

44 Ashton Lane
Glasgow West End
G12 8SJ
Tel: 0845 166 6011

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