Friday, 3 April 2009

Who's Dr Who? Who who who???

Text received on 30th March 2009
S: Hey Anna! Are u still up for the Dr Who exhibition in Kelvingrove? Cos I need to pre-book the ticket.
Anna: Yes, sure! I'm going!

Do you know what's Dr Who?? All I know is that it's a British Science Fiction Programme by BBC. And I heard it's a bit cheesy it you're not a fan. I vaguely know about it.

Assuming that I should know more about what's happening, so I give it a go. In fact, I doubted if I should go, thinking it might be like the time when i went to Beatles Story and came out there knowing a lot deeper about the band.

The exhibition is held at Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, from now until January 2010. Concession tickets available.

It was such a nice weather out there, bright blue sky, with breeze of wind at temperature of about 14 degree Celcius. Walking out there without wearing a jacket feels a lot like a typical spring/summer day.

Then we went in around one-ish, after trapped in Subway for 20minutes.. Upon entering the exhibition hall, I saw a few mannequin that their head will turns, popping up and some bin with words "Open this bin if you DARE.." But there's nothing inside, they just want to try your guts. hehe.

She is Zu-Zanna, from series 1, episode 1, Bad Wolf.

Now then I know who she is. There's different 'monster' and 'bad character' coming up in each episode and Dr Who who travels there to fix and fight with those bad character, using his amazing watch and screwdriver.

This is one of the most interesting one. Don't you think he looks eerie?

There's quite a lot of them there, costumes of the character to the making of the mask, to the production, to the creation and drawings of different charater.

Then... there's me and the famous Daleks! He's the first monster which came out from the series in 1963, frequently remark in their instantly recognisable metallic voices, is to "Exterminate!" all beings inferior to themselves.

Till date, Dr Who has more than 700 series been broadcast. Quite interesting tho. It's popular among young teens in UK as well as children. I've know more about Dr Who now.

We ended our Dr Who trip with an afternoon tea in KG Cafe of the Museum, with a view over the park. I had a Special Hot Chocolate and a desert with is in-line with the theme of Dr Who.

The Supreme Daleks: A desert of Ice Parfait and Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry syrup. Yum!


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