Sunday, 30 October 2011

Treat or trick?

I drew this on the train to Dover this morning, thinking it's Halloween tomorrow and what's everyone going to do? I had two Halloween party last year and this year.... Home alone in Singapore!.

Halloween is a good excuse for your hang out with your friends!

By the way, anyone of you following the American drama series called 'The Big Bang Theory'? Their Halloween episode is a must watch! So funny!!

Hope you're enjoying your 'Trick or Treat!".

Sunday, 2 October 2011

From 4-Season to the tropics

Weather adaptation is always a tough thing for me. It's easier for me to adapt to the cold, than to the heat. There's always a concept that when it's too cold, you can layer up; but when it's too hot, what can you do?

This was me just before I depart from a four-season country, UK - Glasgow. What's lovely about being in a seasonal country is that you can update your wardrobe by season, not annually. It's pretty amazing to look through the process, as you layer up during colder months, and you layer down when the weather gets warmer. It's a good thing for ladies as you can do more shopping! :P

And here I am, working in a temperate country, with summer all year round. Well, to be exact, it's not summer after all as it's constantly hot and humid. In four-season country, summer will be moody as there are days when it rains and it gets chilly. Also, you will experience different sunrise and sunset time in summer than in winter months.

Still, I'm not used to the hot and humid weather in Singapore even though I'm born and raised in Malaysia with the same weather. Glasgow has obviously changed my perspective of weather.