Friday, 22 October 2010

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Bang, bang, bang! --> Mark Ronson.

Do you know who's Steve Aoki? He's one famous DJ. He's been to Malaysia and Singapore.

Today's story is not about him, it's another most popular DJ in UK. I'm seeing a good future in him. He's also Grammy Award winning DJ and Songwriter.

First of all, listen to this song first:

Valerie, performed by the 'Rehab' singer, Amy Winehouse. It's produced by Mark Ronson. He's a DJ and I decided to go to his gig as I want to see a different gig. I've seen boy band, alternative rock, R&B, electro-pop and now it's time for a different genre.

So, of course, it's Mark Ronson concert that I went to!

It all started here:

As usual, whenever supporting act came out, we're all just being impatient.

The lead singer is Rose Elinor Dougall, and the name of the band is The Pipettes.

Finally supporting act is over and behind-the-scene-worker starts to set things up:

Can't wait, can't wait!


Mark Ronson and his DJ set! He and his new silver-ish hair.

[Top Left]: In case you don't know her, she's Amanda Warner. She is one of the member from MNDR, an American group.
[Top Right]: Peter Wade
[Bottom Left]: Spank Rock. An American Rapper
[Bottom Right]: Kyle Falconer. A Scottish singer from the group called The View. He's from Dundee.. On the right is of course Mark Ronson.

From the above video you can see that how close I was to the stage! I was on the first row and nevertheless the best place of all!! (It'd be a lot better if it was One Republic's concert.)

Okay, the video was a bit short so if you're interested in the full official music video, see below:

We were dancing with his DJ mix. Very British style. Funky punky.

It was so good till the end of the gig. They ended the gig with the song Valerie. If you read my previous blog, about The Bike Song, it was so good. the crowds sang live together and the atmosphere was ace!

Happy me!

Oh, not to forget, Mark said the disco ball is the largest he ever seen anywhere in the world. It's indeed really big!


Friday, 15 October 2010

How cute is this song??

Stay tuned for something interesting! Promise!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Welcome rainy days.

Autumn it is.

As usual, it's always been raining here in Scotland during Autumn. It's my fourth Autumn here hence kind of get used to the weather.

Always, new gear for a new season will glam yourself up this rainy season, making rainy season less depressing. Anything that is velvet or faux fur is not ready for this season.

These two items will definitely glam up any rainy season. Not just in UK but I believe Malaysia raining season will be too become so much fun with them!

Top: Lulu Guinness Birdcage Dome Umbrella
Bottom: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Ankle Boots

I will enjoy autumn to the most!

Till then, x.o.x.o

Friday, 8 October 2010


I'm now in the progress of preparing my final year project. Just submitted my proposal draft hope I get better feedback.