Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Taste of Malaysian in Glasgow

There's a new Malaysian Restaurant open in Glasgow. RUMOURS KopiTiam.
Second post about this Rumours Kopitiam, click here!

Of course, I cannot resist for food. Went there with my flatmates for a try-out. I miss a lot of food back home and I am really happy that I am going HOME soon!! Yeah!!

Yeap, the most traditional food of Malaysia, NASI LEMAK! When I first see it, makes me feeeeels like home. I've not eaten Nasi Lemak for ages!! There it is! The taste, just irresistable! (I might be exaggerate a wee bit because I've not had it for a while!) It was a huge portion that when I finish them, my stomach bloated! In Malaysia, a plate of Nasi Lemak cost from RM2 onwards. Do you know how much is this?? Its approximately RM40!! I know it's not worth the price but once you are too tempted to have it, you wont resist!

This is a closer look of it! Nasi Lemak!

Apart from that, we had Rojak. It taste exactly like what we had in Malaysia! Yummy!

My favourite drink of all, Carrot Juice. I always thought the foreigner loves this juice but it's hard to get in UK. Many people dont like it but it's just so refreshing!! BUT I still think they have to add a little bit more milk. The other one, I forget what it's call, I think it's Mango Sorbet or something. There's lil' sago in it. It's yummy and refreshing as well!

Amazingly, they also have this Malay kuih.. Taste pretty well!

I can't help to countdown number of days I am going home. I will still miss lots of things in Glasgow as well: friends, shopping, food, weather and travel.

I sound like food-critic in this blog. Apart from Malaysian food, they also have Singapore dishes as well as Thai dishes. The most important of all is that they do not have SARAWAK LAKSA!! I miss that most!

Sarawak Laksa, Sotong Kangkong, Satay, Pisang Goreng, Kolo Mee, Beef Noodle, Sio Bee,... wow! There's a lot of food I wanna eat! I must make sure I dont put on much weight after I go back home!!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

12 April 2008

Went St Andrews as a trip with my flatmates. 6 of us. It was organised my International Student Surport Service (ISSS) of my university. It was only £10.00. It's pretty cheap that includes transport and visits to Castle and Cathedral. Here are some pics to enjoy!

Guys and Girls!

It was a gloomy and freaking cold day. It's me and the beach!

Blooming Flowers of Spring!

University of St Andrews. This is where Prince William used to study for his Bachelor Degree.

Those are the pictures taken at Castle Ruin of St Andrews.. It was a ruined castle so i see anything nice about that place, apart from it's nice scenery.

Cathedral Ruin of St Andrews

Lunch break at a wee restaurant in town

Small town centre of St Andrews

Golf course of St Andrews. But I still think any golf course in Malaysia is prettier than this. Probably is because the grass are a wee bit yellowish because it's just right after winter.. Should be prettier in Summer. This is the most famous Golfing area in United Kingdom!

That's all for now.. There should be more coming up!


Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Flashback of London ~ March 2008

These are some of the FAVOURITE picture of the day in London. (As promised)


House of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, London Eye, Picadilly Circus, Planet Hollywood

Madame Tussuads Museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum, China Town

Journey: Oxford Street, Picadilly Circus

Journey: Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Horse Guard, British Museum