Sunday, 29 November 2009


Debut single from her new album- Rated R.

"Russian Roulette"


And I really hope I can go to her concert in UK next spring!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I'm broke (for good)

...impecunious by more than £800 now! It's a huge amount that I can fly home tomorrow for my air ticket with that price, and includes some extra money for my duty free shopping!

So why??

I just got myself my very own Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscope! I feel more like a proper optometrist now! You should be scratching your head or have huge question mark over your head what are those stuff? And why do I need to spend a fortune on that?

Keeler Specialist Ophthalmoscope & Retinoscope Set. Manufactured in the UK by the British company. Favourite Keeler instrument of all time!


Looks like I have a set of some sort of gun! No! They are not! (BTW, anyone knows if I can bring this through the security of the Airport when I travel with this in my cabin luggage?)

Specialist Ophthalmoscope. Finest in the world!

Then, it comes with a free gift that I love a lot!!! Pocket Ophthalmoscope!

It's so small and I can just carry it around in my pocket! I tried it and it's not bad at all!! Worth more than 180pounds!

The one on the left is a Retinoscope; the right is an Ophthalmoscope. Will explain what they are used for in 2 seconds.

NOW, I'll tell what are they used for.

Ophthalmoscope: an instrument that Ophthalmologists and Optometrists use for checking the health of the back of the eye, specifically retina. Also it can also check the anterior segment of the eye. There's lots of diseases that are sight threatening starts from the back of the eye. Hence it is crucial to have your eyes checked by an optometrist once every two years! And, I can also know if you have diabetes by only seeing the back on the eye. It's the only visible sign in human body in detection of diabetes. The easier one, cataracts can be seen often. I've seen quite a few patient with cataracts now.

Retinoscope: an instrument optometrist used to estimate the power (or vision) of a person's eye. Can also see if there's any fluctuation in different media of the both eyes. It has a better estimation than auto-refractor. And i can only neutralise your power together with other instrument.

It comes with a charging dock so these two things are just perfect! No need to worry about batteries or power supply. I can use them anytime as long as they are charged!

If you catch me around somewhere, ask me if I have my ophthalmoscope with me then I can check the health of your eyes for you! I love to see different eyes!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Aberdeen Angus @ Sizzler's Steakhouse

What do u think of when you first see this picture??

Ugly. Black. Hairy. What else???
This is the well-known Angus Cattle, breed in Aberdeen. There's sheep in New Zealand, and there's angus in Aberdeen!

I am neither a food critic or an advertiser. I share my experience, just like how sharing the Jack Daniel's® Tower in T.G.I Friday with 5 other friends.

Why I talk about Angus? Not because I have a boyfriend who's name is Angus but I have ate Angus Steak for 3 times ever since I came to Glasgow. You can only get Angus Beef Burger in Burger King UK. That's why angus is precious to me.

It was a Christmas Eve when I first went there with my buddies for a wee Christmas celebration. We have not had steak fo quite a while so after some recommendation, we decided to head to Sizzler's Steakhouse for our Angus Steak! Their steakhouse is located at Merchant Square of Merchant City, Glasgow. That is a really nice area for a relaxing lunch or dinner, in an enclosed area with warm atmosphere.

Second time was the time when my friend came to visit me all the way from Aberdeen, and I brought her to this nice and cozy restaurant for Angus Steak. We both ordered Angus Sirlion Steak.

Served with Angus 80z Sirlion Steak with my Cosmopolitan. Table full of stuff!

Yummy!! Love it! Very full after eating this and we did not even order starter.

I love to take picture of candles. No matter which restaurant I am in. Cosmopolitan on the left. I think the scent of liqueur is too strong and made the drink bitter.

Overall the food there deserves 4 star out of 5. Recommended and excellent service too!

And yes, you're right! 2 course lunch for only £6.95! Add 1 pound if u want to have Angus Steak.

On the recent Monday, friends were here, so I brought them back to this restaurant again. This time, for lunch! The restaurant never fails me.

Starter: Pan Fried Mushroom. I love it because I am a mushroom lover!!

Again, my Angus Steak with Mushroom sauce! It's still so good! Love it! I would definitely go there if I want to have steak. Cheap and good!

Sizzler's Steakhouse
79 Albion Street,
G1 1NY

0141 5524200

Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday the thirteen. Unlucky???

The number 13 always linked to bad luck as believe by many. What do you think??

Well, leave bad luck behind and look for clover leaves. I won't say I always have bad luck, but just dont have the luck like winning lottery or bingo! I prefer doing things more realistic and trust myself instead of luck.

Rihanna is always my favourite pop princess, and listen to most of her songs. Follow her news and would REALLY love to see her in person one day.

Then, there once saw an advert, "Nokia presents Rihanna – a live preview of selected tracks from her new album "Rated R". ", and may get a chance to win tickets for 2 to see her live in LONDON!! Since it's an easy competition, I joined...

TELL you what.... I GOT THE TICKETS!!!

What a luck!!! I never ever thought i will get those tickets free.. HOW LUCKY, RIGHT?

The problem is, I might have contact lens clinic on Monday which I cannot miss. Then another must-attend-or-you-will-get-your-marks-down seminar on Tuesday morning. I found train tickets to go down from Glasgow to London, to-and-fro, for about 70quid! The time suits me and includes one night train from London to Glasgow..

Am I going to be so crazy for her, spend 70 quids to see her sing a few songs, then come back?? Is it worth it??

Monday, 9 November 2009

Backstreet Boys live in Glasgow SECC, 7th November 2009

This is my 100th post for my blog, dedicate it to Backstreet Boys!

I said in my previous post that I am going to Backstreet Boys concert. I've seen the concert and everything seems to be still so fresh on my mind as if i just came back an hour ago!! I cannot stop myself for not listening to their songs over and over again.. Flip through all the pictures again, again and again!

So long story short, let you see pictures first:

Madcon from Norway, performing pre-show!

The boys! Singing "We've got it goin'"

Nick Carter, still my favourite! I've been trying all night to take a nice picture of him and I have loads of them!! (Lucky dancers to b able to get so close with him!)

Howie D! Though he's not as famous as the other 3, he seems to be very down to earth man.

AJ! Still rock like he always does! Did you notice that his face is getting rounder??

Brian Litrell! He's the lead singer! Man on the house!

Nick Carter is looking at you! No, no, he's looking into my camera for me! :P

I like this nice shot of four of them

DJ of the house! He's absolutely fantastic, just like Absolut Vodka! He plays drum too!

They still can dance, still can sing! Not lip-sync!

Awhh.. Bye bye!

So here's some video that I took for all of you to enjoy!

'I Want It That Way'- My favourite song of all time. This is the debut single for the album "Millennium" which is the first original CD I bought about 12 to 13 years ago! And I still love it! I was specially attracted when Howie sang out the word 'Glasgow' in the song. Listen to it carefully and you will notice it!

'Incomplete' from NEVER GONE album

Another classic song

As Long As you love me. If you remember their music video, Nick was so young back then, I think only about 16. His voice is still so youthful as before!

Next is their new single, 'Straight Through my Heart' from the 7th album called 'This is Us'

Hope you enjoy my post. If you get to know there's a Backstreet Boys concert in town, YOU MUST GO TO SEE, no matter if you're working or whatever. They are still perform in their best form like they always do.

p/s: All these photos and videos were taken using my Canon G10 camera. It has superb quality although i use my zoom to the max and even used digital zoom!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Backstreet's BACK!! - 'This is Us' TOUR

Just read a news minutes ago that Backstreet Boys is flying to Glasgow today from Berlin after attending the European MTV Music Award. I am excited. Anyone has a clue which flight are they on?? I'm a crazy fan of them!! "WOOOOOOO!!!"

I just bought their album recently (you will know if you follow my blog closely, see here!) and it bring backs lots of my memories since I'm in primary school. For those who were about my age and listens to English songs since young, I believe you too, had once fell in love with Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Spice Girls or 5ive! Girls out there, don't tell me you never been crazy about Nick Carter before. Hmm...

FYI! I am going to BACKSTREET BOYS concert tomorrow in Glasgow! My first ever concert!

My tickets arrived last week!

In early October, Brian Litrell was diagnosed with Swine Flu while shooting their new music video 'Bigger' in Japan. I was so worried that they are not going to make it here in Glasgow. Now he has fully recover and everything is back to plan.

Anyway, I am extremely excited and been listening to their song over the week, over and over again. They already had their first two concert in Newcastle and Manchester. I will be seeing them here in Glasgow LIVE!

Here's a few song from their new 7th album that I really like:
  • Straight Through my Heart
  • Bigger
  • Masquerade
I own quite a few of their album, mostly originals. I will buy originals if I support the singer. I have 'Millenium' (1999), 'Black & Blue'(2000), 'Greatest Hits: Chapter One'(2001), and the current one, 'This is Us'.

Their song brought me up through my life, been listen to their song a lot more than any other singer I can say, just like people love Michael Jackson or Bee Gees.

Every album brings back my memories. 'Never Gone' (2005) album brings back memories of things that happen in college- friends, study and life! I listen to their song on my mp3 while studying in Inti College's library. They bring me through my hazardous exams.

(Continue to listen to their song now so that I won't miss a word of their lyrics and can sing with them!)

Monday, 2 November 2009

Are you kiasu??

KIASU is a very common word used in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore and Malaysia. I believe it originates from Singapore.

Kiasu means 'afraid of losing' if directly translate from the original word. It's not a proper English but it is translated from Chinese Hokkien dialect. It reflects how competitive a society can be.

"Eh, why you so kiasu? Everything also want, everything also want to win!"

Sometimes, as simple as queuing up for buying concert tickets as early as 5am in the morning, or even camp at night outside the ticket selling area, when tickets are only up for sale 10am the next day! This, to me is also an act of kiasu.

As I am still a university student, I find students who are competitive, kiasu. They are normally those who get top grades in class. Some of them might even peek at your notes what you have written down during lectures, that he/she might left out. (That is a not a big deal for me of those student who do that) The most kiasu students are those who kept telling you they have not finished their reading before exam when actually they already prepare for it. In the end, they score really well. However, all these kiasu situation can have its brighter side that it helps one to improve and excel in their own way.

Keep that aside, in general public, many people, I would say Asian in particular, very kiasu, not only in their act as well as during conversation. Whenever you said something, they think of that they cannot loose their dignity and think of a lie or something without realising for you to know that they are better than you. Though sometimes I am quiet, I scrutinise. I am quite good in observing other people or things in my surrounding. Sometimes, give and take, is all it needs for a good conversation, be truthful and not too kiasu. Listen, observe and talk. Sometimes, I think 'dua-pao' is equivalent to kiasu in certain conversation. (For those who dont understand hokkien, ask me what 'dua-pao' means.)

I trust that, there's a kiasu character in each and everyone. It all depends on how you surpass the brighter side of kiasu-ness. Parents can be kiasu, too, to find the best school for their kid, in order for their children to be a intelligent, better than the kids next door. You can either be kiasu while dealing with business, conversation, studies or anything without realising.

Here's a comic for you to enjoy, adapted from Google Images.