Saturday, 27 March 2010

What dreams mean?

Honestly, I'm not too sure. Occasionally, is it just a deja-vu or you might actually dream of something that is going to happen in future.

Recently I find that my dream is rather common, not like being chased by a zombie or fell into the world of fantasy like Alice in the Wonderland. I can dream of my yellow headphone and the fridge, which is rather weird.

Yesterday, fuse of the kitchen went off, hence many electrical appliances not working, i.e the fridge and jug kettle. Me and my friend Sarah was kind of worried that our food in the fridge n freezer will b rotten. There's nothing we can do either. Thinking of just wait for Monday and people from Maintenance Department to fix.

Last night when I was in my dream, I dreamed of the fridge! (So bizzare!) That the fridge is now OK and functioning well. When I woke up in the morning, I told Sarah about that and find it funny!! It's just a dream though.

'Knock, knock!' My other flatmate knocked on my door a short while later to asked me something and told me the fridge is now back to normal. ARGHHH!!! What's going on??

Any of you know what is the link between real life and dream?? Weird.


Side story:

My friend told me about there's a new application for iPhone. It's sleep cycle and it knows when you are in deep sleep, dreaming or awake. You just have to switch on the APP then put it on our bedside. It has an alarm to wake you up at the best time in the morning, a bit earlier than your desire alarm. When you wake up in the morning, it will give you a graph like this:

How cool, right??

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Mad as a Hatter

Johnny Depp is brilliant! From Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of Carribean to Mad Hatter of Alice in the Wonderland. Totally love the character of Mad Hatter!

I Wikipedia the movie and found that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp went to the extreme side of the movie, to make it more fantasy. The funny thing is, Johnny Depp trying to use Glaswegian Scottish accent in the movie. How can I not notice that? Oh yes! In case you noticed the word 'extreme', then you know in the English speaking world, Glasgwegian accent if definitely difficult to understand. (I'm still kinda half-know-half-not-sure state about Glasgwegian accent, althought I know how to communicate with people in Glasgow).

Anyway, the movie is definitely a MUST-SEE. I love it and watching it the second time is fine for me.

The love for Alice in the Wonderland 3D is not over yet, many people still talk about it and many people still yet to see it. If you know the cartoon by Disney for Alice in the Wonderland, expect a bit of differences from the movie although can be quite predictable. My favourite character is still Mad Hatter that he's so cute in the movie. Even Facebook proved it for me!

Let me know what do you think of this movie? Mad-as-a-hatter!!


(p/s: I'm in the library hence do not have much time to blog in details about this movie)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Macaroons in the Wonderland

The return of Alice in the Wonderland in the hand of Tim Burton, adds fantasy with 3D and animation. I'm going to watch it soon!

I watched the original version of Alice in the Wonderland, cartoon version by Disney, about 15 years ago. I love the cartoon as it's more of a fantasy land than a fairy tale.

The come back of this film, draws the attention of many retailer, creating lots of Alice's merchandise. It's all from Paul & Joe make-up range, to OPI Mini Nail Lacquer set, Miss Selfridge's Alice inspired t-shirt and a lot more! Even macaroon is inspired by the comeback of Alice in the Wonderland!

I went to Paris during end of January, for some de-stress. And fpund out about the very famous double-decker macaroons that was invented by the French pâtisserie, Ladurée. We hunt for their main store in Avenue des Champs Elysée:

We were so excited when we saw this! Went in there and told the sales person what we want. My forefinger was pointing at the glorious macarons, said:

"I want one each of these."

The feeling of excitement and being a forefinger customer is so much fun! (It's something that we can afford to buy one of each in Champ Elysée, not like some rich women went in to Louis Vuitton buying luxury goods using forefingers! LOL!) We just can't wait to try each and every single flavour!

I just can't wait any longer, had one large vanilla macaroon on Avenue des Champs Elysée, before even having my lunch! Vanilla is far most the best ever! Vanilla ice-cream's the best, too!

Look at its colour!!

OKAY, back to my main point.

Ladurée, too has limited edition macaroons, made based on Alice in the Wonderland, only available in selected store.

It is in a stunning music box adorned with emblematic images as a tribute to the enchanting world down the rabbit-hole that Ladurée imagines its new limited series gift box.

The new macaroons flavour is green apple. It's a new flavour Ladurée proud to present, that it's both both tender and tart, bold yet refined. Astonishing colour of Granny Smith green is just so charming! *Drooling* I want one!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I Personalised my Nike. {First}

Ever since I know Nike, I love it! It was not like fell in love at first sight but of course heard about its advantages. The comfort I get from my first pair of Nike sport shoes, form my loyalty to the brand since. The first pair I had was a black low dunk sport shoes with neon yellow shoe string and swoosh. Very funky and I wore it to my netball practice. There's lots of imitation products of Nike with the swoosh band, so beware!

Here in UK, I found out there's something called Nike I.D.. It is a service that you can personalise your own Nike shoes with selected designs. I only able to do it last year, after Christmas when I was in London. I was so excited and wait for my shoes to arrive within 4 weeks time!

Get a total customization experience at You can customise colors and materials for a totally unique take on kicks, T-shirts and more. Start customizing now at
(Start from scratch. Click on the above picture if you wanna try it out)

There was lots of design to choose from but I picked this one. Mary Jane shoes. Something different from Nike as I already had many of sport shoes, including low dunk and Nike Free.

As I am very into the colour of yellow, the main colour I chose is of course YELLOW! Nike do not produce lots of shoes in yellow, as I think the more popular colours are blue, pink, white, black or grey.

Initially I was given this my the store and has a printed copy of my design, by Designer Anna. Never thought the package is so complete!

One fine day, as I have waited for long,...

Tadaa!! My personalised Nike Mary Jane is here!! One and only in the world, special edition! At first I was not sure about the size but the 'Size Guide' section while ordering helps a lot!! This fits me so well and could not feel the weight while walking! Superb!

These are the initial I had at the back of my shoes. 09 indicates made in year 2009. I am aiming more of Nike I.D shoes to come.