Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I Personalised my Nike. {First}

Ever since I know Nike, I love it! It was not like fell in love at first sight but of course heard about its advantages. The comfort I get from my first pair of Nike sport shoes, form my loyalty to the brand since. The first pair I had was a black low dunk sport shoes with neon yellow shoe string and swoosh. Very funky and I wore it to my netball practice. There's lots of imitation products of Nike with the swoosh band, so beware!

Here in UK, I found out there's something called Nike I.D.. It is a service that you can personalise your own Nike shoes with selected designs. I only able to do it last year, after Christmas when I was in London. I was so excited and wait for my shoes to arrive within 4 weeks time!

Get a total customization experience at NIKEiD.com. You can customise colors and materials for a totally unique take on kicks, T-shirts and more. Start customizing now at www.nikeid.com.
(Start from scratch. Click on the above picture if you wanna try it out)

There was lots of design to choose from but I picked this one. Mary Jane shoes. Something different from Nike as I already had many of sport shoes, including low dunk and Nike Free.

As I am very into the colour of yellow, the main colour I chose is of course YELLOW! Nike do not produce lots of shoes in yellow, as I think the more popular colours are blue, pink, white, black or grey.

Initially I was given this my the store and has a printed copy of my design, by Designer Anna. Never thought the package is so complete!

One fine day, as I have waited for long,...

Tadaa!! My personalised Nike Mary Jane is here!! One and only in the world, special edition! At first I was not sure about the size but the 'Size Guide' section while ordering helps a lot!! This fits me so well and could not feel the weight while walking! Superb!

These are the initial I had at the back of my shoes. 09 indicates made in year 2009. I am aiming more of Nike I.D shoes to come.

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