Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I know I have not been blogging for a while. Been too busy.

When you were younger, I'm sure you have encounter the time you need to write an essay related to your hobby. Kids normally would have the 'generic' kind of hobby like drawing, collecting stamps (anyone still does that now?), etc. As you grow older, you realised, due to various reasons, you may not have a hobby. Life just goes on routinely.

As for me, being away from family for work, I found myself a new hobby! I am an optometrist, and things I love to do during my free time doesn't have anything to do with my work, although the result might still be 'eye-related'.

Since young, I'm into arts (not that kind of Victorian art or Monalisa-kind-of-thing), but more of modern art. I like to draw or illustrate, and I love craft! And I love colours! There was a time, a kid at work told me about this and I bought a starter kit, and now I am attached! I am into beads that if you're creative enough, you can literally make it into anything!

Look at the choices of colours! I have more colours and shared some completed art pieces with my close friends. 

Starting from scratch, I made it into an ornament like above photo. I was inspired by the Queen's Diamond Jubilee so I made this Union Jack which can be used as a decorative, collectibles or a keyring if you wish to! The process of making it is fun and on some occasion, I can make 2-3 art pieces a night! I made it all out of leisure, and hence it's a hobby!!

I made myself a few necklaces and even a name tag for my desk at work, too!! I can't wait to share more of my art pieces with you!! 

Till then, x.o.x.o

Friday, 11 May 2012

Famously British

There's always a time, when you have a sudden crave of certain food. It could be something you have not eaten for a long time, or something you really love!

Still remember the time when I was still in UK, Malaysian food, typically Nasi Lemak reminds me of home. I often drop by at a Malaysian Restaurant, Rumours, on Bath Street, Glasgow, just to have some authentic food from home. Nasi Lemak is a kind of luxury food in Glasgow. To read my previous review, click here or here. I'm now in Singapore, and of course, I still miss food from Kuching. 

Like I said, crave just comes of all sudden. Towards the end of April, there's this moment when I really want to eat Fish and Chips so, so badly! What's worst is that it was the time when I was about to sleep. During my university life, I can eat nice and fresh fish, chips and peas in my uni's refrectory for just £2.80! They do not use any fish but haddock! Mmmm... yum!!! In UK, you rarely get an awful fish & chips, even those from chippy shops are nice!! 

When I returned to Asia, I feel reluctant to eat Fish & Chips as bad experience told me it's no as fresh and as nice as any store in UK. Often, they would use cheaper fish, with very thin slice of flesh plus thick batter! Fish and chips originates from the Isle of British back during the time of first world war. It's famously known and available worldwide! Famously and proudly British!

I googled 'Singapore best fish and chips' (yes, Google is everyone's best friend), and the search engine suggested me a few fish and chips store and mostly are food chain. Until I read a person's blog plus I saw the website, I know the owner of Smiths Authentic Fish & Chips is half Irish and Scottish, and grew up in Liverpool. I was so excited and decided to give it a try! I do not want to go to the usual food chain. 

During Labour Day, May 1st, I, myself took the MRT to Paya Lebar and take a short bus ride to this place in Tanjong Katong. Luckily it's near me so I do not have to go too far for the long await food! 

This is it! After you get off from the bus stop as suggested by Google Map, it's just a short walk away!! I got so excited when I approach the store!

Entering the store, with the smell of the usual chippy shop, I feel overly enthusiastic! I just feel like a summer day in UK!

There it is! I ordered the legendary Fish (Haddock) & Chips! And also mushy peas! The wrap your food with paper, trying to be as authentic as possible because the Brits wrap fish & chips with newspaper on the outer later for insulation and absorb grease!

The first cut of the fish, makes me nearly tears! It's exactly like what I had back in UK!! And the chips is nice too!! Don't expect the usual fries you get from McDonalds because British chips are meant to be softer and fried with actual potatoes, not the frozen fries! 

The thickness, freshness, and size of fish is just right, and worth every penny (well, in this case, worth every dollar). The battered is just the perfect thickness and done it well! And of course, you have to eat fish & chips with salt and vinegar! That's the authentic way of eating. Not by adding tomato sauce or others! 

The mushy peas, yum, love it!!!!!!

From the picture, what do you think it is? Banana fritters? Fish fingers? Oh, no no.. It's wrong!
The famous chocolate bar that everyone should know, Mars Bars, is hidden in the batter! Yes, it is the well-known-from-Scotland FRIED MARS BARS!! When I first heard of it, I was like, 'What?! Fried Mars Bars? That's just odd!" And I didn't get a chance to try it when I was in Scotland. Scottish eats pretty unhealthy food, including fried pizza! No offence. 

This is it!!! The taste is so good that I can't describe it with words. The fusion of hot batter expect it to be eaten with something salty, instead, it's sweet in the inside for its Mars Bars!! I must admit it is sweet but I can tolerate sweetness as I occasionally eat brownie for breakfast! This fried Mars Bars is good to share as dessert with your friend(s). I highly doubt anyone can finish the whole bar. It's worth a try, especially when served hot!

When I'm typing this blog, I am already thinking when to go back there and have my newly found favourite fish and chips store? I saw many of the owner's regulars went for fish & chips, mostly expats. My first experience with them would definitely bring me back there many times! 

Smiths Authentic Fish & Chips
230 Tanjong Katong Road,
Singapore 437018 

Open all week:
1130am – 11pm daily

Monday, 30 April 2012


With just a few blinks, it's already end of April. In fact, it's May tomorrow!!

I've been wanting to update my blog since a long time ago but time doesn't permit. 

For the past month, I have been really busy with work, including a sick leave. And of course, not to forget I was home during Easter period, for a refresh and recharged holiday. Kuching has never been better!! 

Being an optometrist is my dream when I was younger. I have never regret walking on this path, and the uni I graduated with planted me with a strong root to begin with! Of course, there's up and down at work, it'd definitely be a lie if I said there's only the ups! It depends on how you deal with your downs, and your busy work life. I must say, I have an optimistic mind that I rarely take things too seriously when it comes to the down side. 

At work, I deal with patients from 2 years old to above 80 years old. A mixture of patients daily is something really interesting, compared to those office-based work when you just see the same group of colleagues daily, with repetitive routine. I, personally enjoys and feels happier when it comes to kids. Checking kids vision may be challenging, as some would co-operate with you when some don't. It is the joy when you listen to how kids think, what they say and their super-imagination! The question they ask is interesting too!!

Nevertheless, no matter what job/study you're in, you just have to find a way to enjoy it. Life's too short to be unhappy!!!

So I'd like to end my this blogpost with the latest Rihanna single, Where Have You Been. It is one of my favourite song from her Talk That Talk album. And I must say, I kinda like the tribal feel of this video, and is a little different from her usual eccentric-self. Enjoy!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Spring Forward!

Every girl is a fashionista at heart.
It would be a lie if a girl said she doesn't like dress up on a daily basis. We, all the girls, care what do we wear everyday, and it reflect how we feel as well!

My favourite season of all would be Spring/Summer! As it goes with my personality, I like something that is bright and seems to be happy! You will spot me around with colourful nail polishes, bright coloured shoes, yellow dress and so on. Of course, I do not wear all the brights together and will make me looked insane. Haha!!

I always try to brighten up my daily outfit with at least something with colour, not all black/grey/white. I'm sharing this little blog post (might not be that 'little' afterall) dedicated to part of Spring/Summer 2012 fashion focus.

Spring/Summer 2012.
As usual, when it comes to better weather, with more sun and spring flowers, you would link it to floral prints, brighter colours like pink, yellow, grass green, purple and yellow, etc! I love brights that's why Spring/Summer is always my favourite!

This season, there's lots of yellows in SS12 runway, especially Mulberry! Colour blocks! Colour blocks this year is slightly different from SS11 as there are much more pastel colours. Love 'em! This post is specially dedicated to my favourite colour, yellow!!

Here are some of my favourite picks in-line with SS12!

Mulberry Holiday Bayswater in Lemon Sherbet Spongy Patent, £895

Mulberry Holiday Small Bayswater Satchel in Lemon Sherbet Spongy Patent, £795 (S$1960)

I've been eyeing on this bag when I saw it during Mulberry's SS12 Runway Show! I've waited for months and finally saw it in the Mulberry Store of Marina Bay Sands Shoppe here in Singapore. I had a touch of it, it screamed my name. It's a sling bag, and I just love it!! It's so expensive here in Singapore!! Trust me, I was so tempted to buy it and what more to say I love Mulberry and Yellow is my name!! The sales assisstant at Mulberry was so friendly, allowing me to have a touch on it and once I tried it on, it was like 'OMG!'. What more to say when it's patent leather and easier to maintain as long as I don't place it under heaty area for a long period of time! Should I, should I not?? (maybe not as I have something planned on the horizon that needs money)

Saw it on net-a-porter that Mulberry Mini chain-strap patent-leather shoulder bag, £275. It is exclusively for!! So cute but too bad I have quite a few mini bags. I can melt with anything with the colour of yellow!

H&M, imitation leather bag, S$59.90.
I've seen the actual product, the pvc skin is slightly thinner, but the colour is just nice. Mustard yellow. Should I get this to fulfill my lust of having a yellow bag?

In addition to bags and shoes, the other accessories that I think all girls should have a fair bit of collection is HEADBANDS!! I love headbands so much that at some point my friends ararely see me without one on my head.

One of my favourite brand of headband is sereni and shentel! I must admit I have quite a collection of their headband!

In line with Spring/Summer 2012, here are some of my favourites for bright/pastel colour. Even yellow, it comes in bright (daffodil) or pastel (lemon) in hues.

Bunny Ears in Daffodil, Kuching Cat in Lemon (Side Option), Party Hat in Daffodil, Ice Ice Baby Matte in Lemon, Blair in Daffodil &Block Party in Lemon. All by Sereni and Shentel!!

Aren't they lovely! Headbands are the solution to any bad hair day, or whenever you want to colour-up your daily outfit!

And their LATEST addition to the Sereni and Shentel, Lolita in Daffodil!!

Dare to dress this season in brights! I'd say, yellow it is!!! Let's brighten our daily life with yellow and bring out the sunshine in you!

Have a nice summer! x.o.x.o

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Self-indulge: Tea and a Book

Tea wasn't my choice of beverage until I went to UK. I adapted to the British life quickly and I started to love anything local. They ranges from tea, scone, sandwich, pizza, pasta, etc. If you ever been to UK, you will realised all the tea time mini bites or desserts are very sweet. Their brownie or cupcakes are the best but they are also very sweet as if you will have ants crawling over you. (FYI, you would not see even shadow of ants in UK, probably because of the cold weather).

There's a reason for all the sweetness of desserts! The well-known English Afternoon Tea often comes with a two or three-tier cake tray and tea! Yes, tea! Tea is commonly consumed without addition of sugar or milk, and will balance out the sweetness of all the bite size desserts!

Ever since, I started to enjoy tea, more than I used to in Malaysia. I started with English Breakfast, Darjeeling and Black Tea. I enjoy having tea with a cake, as a way to relax myself. Occasionally, I will read a book with tea. My favourite tea of all is Earl Grey. It has a special fragrant and when you dirnk it, it's very light and drinkable!!

Back to Singapore.
Last Sunday, after church service, I do not have plans, so I decided to go to Marina Bay Sands Shoppe to have a look at some store. I was hungry and I've decided to have my brunch at TWG Tea Salon. I've ordered Eggs Benedict with Salmon, side with salad. The pouched eggs are delicious with the way they cooked it. I ordered my brunch with TWG specialty blended tea, 1897 Black Tea, with the fruity smell, tasted with smooth with less bitterness. I like it. Overall, I'd rate is as 7.5 out of 10! I enjoyed reading my book after meal with cup of tea, and the feeling is just so relaxing and stress-free. It's a posh life but a healthy one!

Till then! x.o.x.o

TWG is one of the oldest Singaporean tea company, selling a wide variety of tea,

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Year

29th February 2012, is a special day, a Leap Year Day. 29th of February only comes once in 4 years. It's a special day to remember, but not to mention for those working, you're unfortunately need to work an extra day in 4 years.

In Irish folk tradition, a woman is allowed to proposed to her man on Leap Day and the man is not allowed to reject the proposal. He will be subjected to a fine if he rejects. On the contrary, in Scotland, it used to be unlucky for someone to be born on a Leap Day, just like Friday 13th. Nevertheless, it's just a folktale and depends if you are in it to believe or not.

So, on this February 29th, I wanted to do something 'special' but couldn't come out with a plan. I stayed at home, watching the infamous romcom, 'Leap Year', by Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. I've seen it in 2010 but in relation to this day, I watched it again.

The movie begins with America but settles in Ireland thereafter. I've been to Republic of Ireland during summer of 2010, with my BFF Stella. We visited Dublin and Wicklow. The movie started with the girl, Anna Brady would like to propose to her then boyfriend because he did not pop question. Coincidencely, he was in Ireland for a medical conference so she decided to fly actross the ocean to proposed to him in Ireland. Obstacles came along during her trip and then she met Declan, an Irish man. .... Long story short, they were married in the end.

Below are some shots from the movie and also in comparison with the movie scene I've been to in Ireland.

Parts of the film was shot in Wicklow, Ireland, and believe me, the scenery is magnificient!

They were both taken in Wicklow, near the Upper Lake area. (I can't remember the actual name). Watching the movie brought some flashback of my memories in Ireland, all the sweet ones.

The county of Wicklow is beautiful, just like in the movie, (although it's supposed to be 'Dingle' in the movie but was shot in Wicklow)

Anna Brady was supposed to travel from Dingle to Dublin with the help of Declan, and they finally arrived:

The iconic scene of Dublin.

St Stephen's Green, Dublin

And, they talked. Anna Brady and Declan O'Callaghan

I was there, too!!

The bridge.

Overall, Ireland is a really beautiful place to visit, with considerable nice people, and the Irish accent in Dublin is easy to understand!

And, on this Leap Day in 2012, me and my BFF Stella did the same thing by watching the movie 'Leap Year' without any prior acknowledgement. Great minds think alike although we may be a bit distance away! My Leap Day night continued looking into some of the great memories in the past!

Cheers y'all!! Have a great March ahead!


Sunday, 26 February 2012


Remember the time when I was a teenager, I love to read novels. From ghost stories, to witch stories, to romance, and all other sorts. When I get attached to one, I hardly get my hands off the book, even when I'm eating. However when other things kick in like Internet etc, the hobby seems to fade out.

My book reading habit came back briefly in 2009, when I made a resolution to make Tuesdays my Reading Day (read my previous blog here & here). A good thing about reading a book is, you let the author brings you to an imaginary world of your own, and you design your own story picture. That's something I truly enjoy when reading a book.

The last book I love was ONE DAY by David Nicholls, and I'd say the book is so much better than the movie, and I must say it took me a while to finish the book, from Glasgow, to Malaysia, to Singapore! It was a good book to read with somewhat sad ending if you love romance. Read the book, not the movie!

Recently, I thought I tried not to stay in front of a computer for a long time as I may have been starring at the screen for 5 hours at work. I picked up a few books from the bookstore, trying to kill my time much more productively and healthily. And, my friend, Stella, recommended me this book, called 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins, said it's a good book to read. Without hesitation and without any clue of what it's about, I decided to buy the book.

It took me just over a week to finish this book. I even read it during my lunch break at work. Yes, it just makes you read and want to read more about it.

It is a book, about a group of 12 teenage boys and 12 teenage girl from 12 different districts in a futuristic world. They were randomly chosen to join the reality TV show, 'The Hunger Games'. Their task is simple; the last one who survived the game is the victor. This means they need survival skills and have to kill each other to win the game, which will win them a life of wealth for them and their family.

The main character of the story, Katniss Everdeen, volunteered to join the game on behalf of her younger sister. And the story begins on how she survived with some twist of romance between her and another participant, Peeta, and her long time bestie, Gale, who she used to hunt together. I'd not elaborate more in here and I'd highly recommend you to read the book.

The author gives you sudden suspense when you think of a predictable outcome. And it is very readable! I give it a score of 4.5/5.0!!! Love!

FYI, there will be a movie made based on the book coming out in mid March. I did not watch the trailer until I've finished with the book! I just don't want any section of the trailer, including the look of the character be influenced my any part of the trailer. Nevertheless, I can't wait to watch the film!

The Hunger Games is a trilogy by Suzanne Collins, so to continue with the story of Katniss after the Game, I bought the second book of the trilogy, 'Catching Fire'.

Can't wait to finish the book!!! Let me know what do you think about the book?? Read the book before the movie!!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

OUTDOOR: Cycling


I often let people disbelief that I was an outdoor person who loves sport. That only applies to people who know me later in my life as I may look like a person who love to read, quiet and anti-social. It all started out me being an active girl in primary school who happened to be a runner (sprinter) but cannot do long jump. I can't do long runs actually, but I can do short quick runs. Fast forward to secondary school, I was in the netball team. And, also being actively involved in extra-curriculum activities, especially St John Ambulance.

Fast forward again.
Last Sunday, my A-Level college clan, the A-B-C who are now working in Singapore, went for a wee outing to cycle in East Coast Park, here in Singapore. It sounds like a long stretch beach but the sandy area is only a few steps walk from the shore to the sea. Singapore is a petite island that I remembered a tourist guide once said, "when God created the earth, he finished it with a fullstop. And, the fullstop is now known as Singapore". Yes, Singapore is really THAT tiny.

I'm staying near east coast so it's convenient for me to go there. It took B and C about an hour to reach the east side as they stay in the west. As B said, there's a time zone difference of about 10minutes! Haha!!

The weather that day was really sunny, that I had to put on sunscreen lotion before I head. The sky was blue and when we go there, the sea breeze was just relaxing. As usual, Singapore being a high population density country, East Coast Park was filled with people, although the picture above doesn't show that much.

Sitting on top of a rocky hill off the shore, we were trying to enjoy the scene, seabreeze, and the sun. As you may have already noticed, there's no such thing as 'no boundaries' of seaview in Singapore. You will definitely see some boat laying outreach of you but within your view. It actually kind of ruin the beauty of sea.

That's the three of us! We never fail to have laughter when we unite. We blend well together as we have different thoughts but share the same kind of laughter! The weather was just nice for cycling and a little bit of walking to burn off some calories. *Ahem*

We rented our bicycles, at S$7 for an hour, and you'll get another hour for free! It's quite a good deal! I have not cycle for a long time, and believe me the last time was in 2008 when me and my bestie in class went to Millport for a day trip (more details to come).

We cycled for more than 1.5 hours, we enjoy some scene, joke each other, competing with speed, and even bump into each other's bike! We ended up riding 'Skyline', my 'Honda', and a 'kancil-turned-into-pimp-my-ride-Fairlady'!! Of course some bypassers would have Ferrari for its speed! We should do this cycling more often as there isn't much activities we can do in this congested Singapore.

Me in 2012. My messy hair can't be fixed during pictures due to strong seabreeze!

Me in 2008! I went cycling @ Millport, Isle of Cumbrae.

2008, after finishing all our semester exams, me and my classmates decided to go for a day trip, away from city centre. We decided to go to Millport at Isle of Cumbrae, near the west of Scotland.

We need to use a ferry from Largs to cross over to Isle of Cumbrae. It was my first ferry experience and it was really nothing less than fun!

We rented bicycles to cycle around the island. We were actually cycling round the island around its perimeter, not within the island. It took us a few hours to finish, of course with some 'pit stop' in between.

The weather was gloomy, and it's nothing less the expect from the moody weather of Scotland. Although it was supposed to be summer, the most you get is two weeks of real sunshine! We were already quite lucky that it wasn't raining.

And was us taking a break from our cycles to look around, and of course to mention the photographer who's not in this picture is Alan.

Although 2008 may seems to be too long ago, and I may have become older-but-wiser, the sweet and nice memory still stay very well in my mind. Memories are the best thing to look back, to keep, and to treasure! Scotland was a transition of my life. Not just the idyllic places, university, friends but also the people!! Scotland is uniquely amazing!

Either Singapore or Scotland, both cycling trip were nothing but fun-filled! I will not forget about it, and hopefully, I will continue to cycle in Singapore (as Scotland is not so possible now).