Sunday, 18 March 2012

Spring Forward!

Every girl is a fashionista at heart.
It would be a lie if a girl said she doesn't like dress up on a daily basis. We, all the girls, care what do we wear everyday, and it reflect how we feel as well!

My favourite season of all would be Spring/Summer! As it goes with my personality, I like something that is bright and seems to be happy! You will spot me around with colourful nail polishes, bright coloured shoes, yellow dress and so on. Of course, I do not wear all the brights together and will make me looked insane. Haha!!

I always try to brighten up my daily outfit with at least something with colour, not all black/grey/white. I'm sharing this little blog post (might not be that 'little' afterall) dedicated to part of Spring/Summer 2012 fashion focus.

Spring/Summer 2012.
As usual, when it comes to better weather, with more sun and spring flowers, you would link it to floral prints, brighter colours like pink, yellow, grass green, purple and yellow, etc! I love brights that's why Spring/Summer is always my favourite!

This season, there's lots of yellows in SS12 runway, especially Mulberry! Colour blocks! Colour blocks this year is slightly different from SS11 as there are much more pastel colours. Love 'em! This post is specially dedicated to my favourite colour, yellow!!

Here are some of my favourite picks in-line with SS12!

Mulberry Holiday Bayswater in Lemon Sherbet Spongy Patent, £895

Mulberry Holiday Small Bayswater Satchel in Lemon Sherbet Spongy Patent, £795 (S$1960)

I've been eyeing on this bag when I saw it during Mulberry's SS12 Runway Show! I've waited for months and finally saw it in the Mulberry Store of Marina Bay Sands Shoppe here in Singapore. I had a touch of it, it screamed my name. It's a sling bag, and I just love it!! It's so expensive here in Singapore!! Trust me, I was so tempted to buy it and what more to say I love Mulberry and Yellow is my name!! The sales assisstant at Mulberry was so friendly, allowing me to have a touch on it and once I tried it on, it was like 'OMG!'. What more to say when it's patent leather and easier to maintain as long as I don't place it under heaty area for a long period of time! Should I, should I not?? (maybe not as I have something planned on the horizon that needs money)

Saw it on net-a-porter that Mulberry Mini chain-strap patent-leather shoulder bag, £275. It is exclusively for!! So cute but too bad I have quite a few mini bags. I can melt with anything with the colour of yellow!

H&M, imitation leather bag, S$59.90.
I've seen the actual product, the pvc skin is slightly thinner, but the colour is just nice. Mustard yellow. Should I get this to fulfill my lust of having a yellow bag?

In addition to bags and shoes, the other accessories that I think all girls should have a fair bit of collection is HEADBANDS!! I love headbands so much that at some point my friends ararely see me without one on my head.

One of my favourite brand of headband is sereni and shentel! I must admit I have quite a collection of their headband!

In line with Spring/Summer 2012, here are some of my favourites for bright/pastel colour. Even yellow, it comes in bright (daffodil) or pastel (lemon) in hues.

Bunny Ears in Daffodil, Kuching Cat in Lemon (Side Option), Party Hat in Daffodil, Ice Ice Baby Matte in Lemon, Blair in Daffodil &Block Party in Lemon. All by Sereni and Shentel!!

Aren't they lovely! Headbands are the solution to any bad hair day, or whenever you want to colour-up your daily outfit!

And their LATEST addition to the Sereni and Shentel, Lolita in Daffodil!!

Dare to dress this season in brights! I'd say, yellow it is!!! Let's brighten our daily life with yellow and bring out the sunshine in you!

Have a nice summer! x.o.x.o

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