Saturday, 12 December 2009

End of term and went home with new friend.

I got a new friend home yesterday! It's a tradition here to bring a new Pooh home each Christmas~ He says, "Merry Christmas" to all of you!!

He's all wrapped up and ready for the Christmas fun!! He's wearing jeans and comfy shoes! He's so cute right?? How can I resist not to own him?? I believe if you see him you will give him a big hug!

This Winnie The Pooh is exclusive to DisneyStore UK, that he's not the common one that wear a red shirt without a pant (*shy shy*). Also, he's limited edition with only 4000 worldwide. There's a certificate of authenticity and my number is 2883. Love him!!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Christmas Wishlist

Never deny that Christmas is ACTUALLY my favourite celebration. I love it more than my own birthday, which i only like to keep it to myself and let the truly knows remember my birthday.

Christmas is like a family day to me, gathered together, sharing laughter and love. Not only children, everyone deserves a present, from the prettiest Barbie Doll, to the remote controlled car, to the warmest hug you can ever get this cold season! Christmas makes me feel delighted always!

This Christmas is of course, going to be an extraordinary one. I will be away from my home in Malaysia, missing my family and friends there, and also leave the city of Glasgow to a place I never been to before. I will be in Switzerland for Christmas. How amazing is that????

And this is something I always wanted to see on Christmas. White Christmas. It's first on my Christmas wishlist this year!

Secondly, of course something more that I can keep. A thing. It's the so-cool-yellow-coloured-headphone, Oboe Headphones: Dandellion Yellow!

It's so pretty and it's so me, right?? I'm into yellow for everything!

Third, I want a pair of nice boots! My current one is a bit old and a bit worn out, especially the soles.

I want it to be waterproof and non-slippery.

Forth, I need a nice and simple wallet. My wallet is a bit old and childish now.

This year, I only have 4 things that I wanted to have for Christmas. The rest, I can get it anytime like Winnie The Pooh Limited Edition soft toy and pretty dress. It's just a wishlist and might end up not getting the headphone, boots, or wallet. Still, might hunt for it after boxing day sales when I'm in London for new year to celebrate the end of noughties.

The first one is likely to come true because I will definitely be in Swiss for Christmas, and will hunt for a While Christmas somewhere. Gonna be there with my friend from home. Super excited!!

Anyway, what's your Christmas wishlist???

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Am I a shopaholic??

According to definition, SHOPAHOLIC means a person, either male or female, who cannot resist tremendous quality, value and savings, creating an uncontrollable need to shop.

If seriously consider this definition to my own behavior, I am not a hundred percent shopaholic. Maybe 60%, which is not so good either.

Retail therapy works best for me to be stress-free. Will definitely go for a shopping after I've done with a presentation, assessment or exams. As I am not a permanent resident of UK, and not staying in a permanent place, hence I have to move my stuff away each time I go home for summer or longer breaks. If I am really INTO shopping, means I have to move a lot of stuff!

Whenever the moving house scene come through my mind each time I go shopping, I will hold on to my brake, and think twice before I buy. I will shop moderately.

I promise I would not become a shopaholic and only buy necessities! And I dont want to end up like her: