Saturday, 5 December 2009

Am I a shopaholic??

According to definition, SHOPAHOLIC means a person, either male or female, who cannot resist tremendous quality, value and savings, creating an uncontrollable need to shop.

If seriously consider this definition to my own behavior, I am not a hundred percent shopaholic. Maybe 60%, which is not so good either.

Retail therapy works best for me to be stress-free. Will definitely go for a shopping after I've done with a presentation, assessment or exams. As I am not a permanent resident of UK, and not staying in a permanent place, hence I have to move my stuff away each time I go home for summer or longer breaks. If I am really INTO shopping, means I have to move a lot of stuff!

Whenever the moving house scene come through my mind each time I go shopping, I will hold on to my brake, and think twice before I buy. I will shop moderately.

I promise I would not become a shopaholic and only buy necessities! And I dont want to end up like her:

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