Saturday, 29 March 2008


Spring 2008

I was having holiday in London during my Easter holiday break from 21st to 25th March for 5 days 4 night. London is amazing and I love it very much!

This is the first time I fly alone to a foreign city, huge and busy city of London! I met up with Sarah, Lih Sing anf Yee Ling on the day I arrive and I met up with Yian Yong on the third day to stay with her!

Our journey of 4 starts with a blurry day that we waited in the underground station to change to Circle Line Tube to Malaysia Hall.. We waited for quite sometime but then the tube never arrive!
Then we decided to take the underground back to another station to take another route to Malaysia Hall. After that we realised that the Circle Line Tube was close for Easter break!!! WHat?!

We are expected to arrive at Malaysia Hall around 11 but we arrive around 12.30 noon at last. It was such a long way!

Cut the crap and straight to the journey!

First of all, we went to St Paul's Cathedral, which is where Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married. It was also Sir Christopher Wren's greatest work, stands at the western boundary of the City, and was miraculously unharmed by wartime bombs. The interior of the building is also magnificient but too bad we cannot take pictures inside!

After that, we walked pass the Millennium Bridge, the pedestrian-only bridge, going across River Thames to Tate Modern. Tate Modern is the British National Museum of Modern Art for which a lot of thing in there I do not understand. Kinda nice though!

This is a slit in the building of Tate Modern. Quite cool!

Finishing quickly in Tate Modern, we walk by the riverbank of River Thames to go to find the London Bridge. Still remember singing this, "London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down,..." There it is! It's not pretty but it's the oldest bridge for people to go across River Thames! :)

While walking by the riverbank, we suddenly smell one old man selling something which attracts us. It's the peanuts fried with coconut and brown sugar, very nice!

Then we head right away to the famous-London-well-known Tower Bridge. It's really really great! The feeling of seeing the real thing on your own is so much different form seeing them in pictures!.And the GLA City hall is just there, also very nice! Apart from that, there's the HMS Belfast and is the only floating Maritime Naval Museum in UK!

This is a picture of us took by a local. He said, "This will be a good memory." And YES, indeed it's a really sweet memory!

We took a few pictures of the riverbank of the other side. And there's the Tower of London with modern buildings surrounding it.

Canary Wharf! It's like New York in London! Very modern. You should be able to see the Rugby-shaped-like building is The Gherkin (2004). Its distinctive tapering shape gave this skyline-dominating building it's nickname and also solves the usual problem cause by high buildings of street-level gales. The shape is also beneficial environmentally, with ventilated double skin reducing heating and cooling requirements and spiralling lightwells maximising natural light. AMAZING!

This is me on Tower Bridge!

Going across the river and we arrive near Tower of London but we decided not to go in. So we took pictures outside.

We head straight to Oxford Street, London! The Europe's Busiest Shopping Street as well as most dense! Then I saw Selfridges & Co and took picture of one of my favourite window display! Then we call it a day!

Ciao! I will blog again on my London Day Two soon! Keep visiting!

Thursday, 20 March 2008


My favourite season of all - SPRING!

This is my first year in a four-seasoned country. And of course, my first Winter is over and today is officially the beginning of Spring in Great Britain.

Spring when all the plants starts to grow, becoming fluorish and fertilised. A fresh start and it's just like when you wake up in the morning, always new beginning! Always a fresh new start! That is why I like this season. I am enjoying the sun with a wee bit of cold. :)

... is just like Malaysia, always so warm.. or even HOT!! It might be way too warm for me as I will get headache if it's too hot! I know Sunny is good but sometimes it's just too much!

... is the falling season when the plants beginning to get bald. It's like someone becoming old. The trees becomes naked and the weather is windy.

... is freezing! Always need to wrap up from head to toe. Need many gears to be ready. But I love the SNOW in this season! It's pretty! My first winter is great in UK, been waiting for snow all the time though there's not much in Glasgow.

I still love spring! However, no matter how's the weather, I will still be optimistic, being happy all the time!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Unpredictable weather in UK

Is it going to be a White Easter? Could be nice. Since we dont have White Christmas then White Easter would be good.

The weater forecast said:
"Britain will have to wrap up for a chilly Easter as snow showers and strong winds are forecast for the bank holiday weekend."

"After a few sunny but chilly days this week the rain returns on Thursday with strong cold winds for much of the UK,"

"Good Friday sees more wintry conditions. A cold northerly flow bringing widespread sleet and snow showers."

It's almost spring but yet, it snowed on 3rd March. Don't know why... It's going to be a cold Spring.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Open the door

Like this door, always open your heart to your love one, especially God! He is almighty, He is the One and He is everything to us! He is the only Friend who will always be there for you, no matter what is, ups and downs. Amen!

".. do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself..." Matthew 6:34

".. Love your enemies and pray for those who prosecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:44-45

Glasgow + Winter

Again, I am exploring Glasgow with Sarah while she came to visit me all the way from Aberdeen! I am so happy to be able to go out with her!

Our route for day one is to The Mackintosh House (House of the famous Glaswegian Artist, Architect and Designer), University of Glasgow, Hunterian Museum and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Even though i've been to those places before, but going there again this WINTER season is a total different feeling. The first time i've been there was Autumn.

Above: Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. If you ask the Scottish which museum is the best,this is it! Sarah and I spend hours inside there!

DAY TWO with Sarah!
We went to the Glasgow Science Centre which i never been to before! Plenty of things to explore and you will get to know how many things work!

This is my section as an Optometry student. The eye chart and other stuff related to the eye. That eye chart isnt that accurate and they did not mention where you should stand to measure your vison. Have to use Snellen Visual Acuity Chart! Oh. I've been so obsessed to all these stuff!

Well, read it. It's better for YOU to take good care of your two teeny weeny eyes! They are precious! You wont want to get that acrylic eye! ErrrrrLLL!

See how your body is going to look like if you get the artificial one. Body is precious too!!

Mirror effect! Optics! This is what Dr Harry has been talking about last semester! Mirrors!

Where's my body?

My spinal isn't straight when i sit up like this!

Please, must click on this video to watch, it's pretty funny. I understand how my bone works now when i cycle.

And yes, we went to the IMax to watch T-Rex 3-D, not that exciting though.

Going to the Science Centre is really great. The scenery there is idyllic. My favourite part of all is the Medical and Optical section. Of course, it's related to my interest and course! HAPPY!

After Science Centre we rushed to Glasgow Cathedral. This time, we manage to get into there. The first time I went was with Roselyn and it was closed. It's magnificent!

Glasgow Cathedral

Inside St Mungo Religion Museum

That's all for our day one and two.. Will update again!