Thursday, 20 March 2008


My favourite season of all - SPRING!

This is my first year in a four-seasoned country. And of course, my first Winter is over and today is officially the beginning of Spring in Great Britain.

Spring when all the plants starts to grow, becoming fluorish and fertilised. A fresh start and it's just like when you wake up in the morning, always new beginning! Always a fresh new start! That is why I like this season. I am enjoying the sun with a wee bit of cold. :)

... is just like Malaysia, always so warm.. or even HOT!! It might be way too warm for me as I will get headache if it's too hot! I know Sunny is good but sometimes it's just too much!

... is the falling season when the plants beginning to get bald. It's like someone becoming old. The trees becomes naked and the weather is windy.

... is freezing! Always need to wrap up from head to toe. Need many gears to be ready. But I love the SNOW in this season! It's pretty! My first winter is great in UK, been waiting for snow all the time though there's not much in Glasgow.

I still love spring! However, no matter how's the weather, I will still be optimistic, being happy all the time!

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