Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Glastonbury Festival

Inspired by the upcoming world famous music festival in England- Glastonbury Festival. I will return in 2013 to join! xx

Monday, 25 April 2011

Must-have for summer!

Friday, 22nd of April, 2011.

It was the day after I'm officially done for all my written exams, and I went out for a yummy lunch at a local Malaysian Restaurant by myself, ordering food that I love. Following that, I went for some shopping that I've been longing for after crouching myself in the library days after days of reading.

It wasn't any posh shopping just some updates to my wardrobe as the season is changing. It was Good Friday that it's an official holiday here in UK, that the town was hit by swarm of shoppers. It was really really busy.

I have my skirt, T-shirt, and my sunnies out. The weather was so warm as if I'm in Malaysia!

What's the first thing you would think of when the weather is warm and bright?? Yes, you need a UV protected sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, and of course, ICE-CREAM!!!

Glad that I live in Scotland and access to ice-cream is so easy. Oh well, to my definition, there is no season for ice-cream but it's a must-have for summer!!! My all-these-while-love-of-ice-cream is by MacKies of Scotland.

On my way home, I bought a tub of this:

Vanilla-flavoured Ice-cream is always my favourite, and goes with all sorts of toppings. As it said on the label, it's "made with fresh milk, double cream and no artificial ingredients". It's alluring that you can't resist double cream. (As always, I'm a no-no for skimmed milk, too!) When I first tried it many years ago here in Scotland, it catches my tastebud that it's so good, so smooth and very rich in flavour.

I tried it today topped with crushed honey roast cashew nuts & peanuts. Oh wow.. it's so good! Mackies Vanilla Ice Cream is the best in its world. (To be honest, it is much better than Sunny Hill Ice Cream from Kuching, Malaysia). I will miss Mackies Ice Cream!!

Anna xoxo

Thursday, 7 April 2011

7th April 2011: A day to remember

This was the day that everyone in class was emotional, either sad or happy. I had my last ever Primary Eye Care clinic on 7th April 2011. I had a nice patient and love talking to her while testing her. She's very co-operative. Also, getting compliments from my clinic supervisor was an additional happiness. There was clinic technician said, "Anna, is this your last clinic?" and I had to reply, "Yes, I'm a bit sad as it's my last eye test in Scotland". All the "Good luck in your future" and "Bye" from clinic supervisors make me somehow, sad. I know I will be great in future but leaving my status as a student is sad, too!

Here's some picture of me and my eye clinic:

This is the entrance that I go through first time when I was in second year, with all the remote feeling that every thing looks scary. And after years of training. I am feeling confident seeing patient each time. Now, all the clinical staff knows me well, and we greet each other whenever we met. It's amazing how this clinic enables each and everyone of us to grow and become another professional.

I can be a 'miner' in the clinic, wander around with this BIO ophthalmoscope, saying "can I have a look into your eyes?". Oh wow, it was like I'm looking into something as interesting as enjoying a picture in an art gallery.

And, this was the test chart I used to ask my patient, "Which is the smallest line can you see?"

And this will be the test room I will miss dearly. I am now being let loose in the public (well, not quite yet), without supervisors coming in and out making sure I am doing the right thing. After years of training, I now have full control over test room and I'll make sure you walk out of the door with problem solved. And, that was just a random picture of me in my white coat, a.k.a. clinic attire, everytime I perform my clinical duties. (I tried to be more colourful rather than wearing the boring, black/grey/white office wear)

This was my view when I have a full day of clinical duties in the Eye Clinic. I just sat by the window, munching my quick lunch. Oh, I miss it already...

Besides, I also have my last ever lecture in my university also on 7th April. The impact was too strong but I can handle it. It's like double sadness in one day.

That was the last ever lecture by Dr. Strang. He's a really nice and down-to-earth-head-of-school-to-be person. He would sit in the cafeteria with students, to talk about anything! "Good luck, everyone. And your year is a really nice group to teach! Hopefully will see you all in future!", was what he said in the very end.

I will also miss the Saltire Centre, also the library, that me and my pals used to hangout between lectures when we were in first and second year. That where we build our friendship and prolongs till now and getting stronger. I already miss this place as we were getting busier in third and now, final year.

This was the computer room that I used to hang around if I would like to do my report/project. I love it here because I can enjoy reading project stuff with my big fat English Breakfast.

Last but not least, this is the bridge to everything. This is the bridge that me and my mates used to walk out to when we want to have a drink somewhere nearby, shopping, or a visit to the anatomy museum! Also this is the bridge to the world, and I walk out of there being a professional.

I admit sometimes I lost concentration in lectures or complaining about the work load, but I will definitely miss university life. Anyone else out there who is still in school/college/university, treasure your time with your mates and enjoy every single moment that you can. That's my little piece of advice!

(p/s: Radio was playing "I'm coming home", making me much more emotional.)