Monday, 25 April 2011

Must-have for summer!

Friday, 22nd of April, 2011.

It was the day after I'm officially done for all my written exams, and I went out for a yummy lunch at a local Malaysian Restaurant by myself, ordering food that I love. Following that, I went for some shopping that I've been longing for after crouching myself in the library days after days of reading.

It wasn't any posh shopping just some updates to my wardrobe as the season is changing. It was Good Friday that it's an official holiday here in UK, that the town was hit by swarm of shoppers. It was really really busy.

I have my skirt, T-shirt, and my sunnies out. The weather was so warm as if I'm in Malaysia!

What's the first thing you would think of when the weather is warm and bright?? Yes, you need a UV protected sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, and of course, ICE-CREAM!!!

Glad that I live in Scotland and access to ice-cream is so easy. Oh well, to my definition, there is no season for ice-cream but it's a must-have for summer!!! My all-these-while-love-of-ice-cream is by MacKies of Scotland.

On my way home, I bought a tub of this:

Vanilla-flavoured Ice-cream is always my favourite, and goes with all sorts of toppings. As it said on the label, it's "made with fresh milk, double cream and no artificial ingredients". It's alluring that you can't resist double cream. (As always, I'm a no-no for skimmed milk, too!) When I first tried it many years ago here in Scotland, it catches my tastebud that it's so good, so smooth and very rich in flavour.

I tried it today topped with crushed honey roast cashew nuts & peanuts. Oh wow.. it's so good! Mackies Vanilla Ice Cream is the best in its world. (To be honest, it is much better than Sunny Hill Ice Cream from Kuching, Malaysia). I will miss Mackies Ice Cream!!

Anna xoxo

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