Monday, 30 April 2012


With just a few blinks, it's already end of April. In fact, it's May tomorrow!!

I've been wanting to update my blog since a long time ago but time doesn't permit. 

For the past month, I have been really busy with work, including a sick leave. And of course, not to forget I was home during Easter period, for a refresh and recharged holiday. Kuching has never been better!! 

Being an optometrist is my dream when I was younger. I have never regret walking on this path, and the uni I graduated with planted me with a strong root to begin with! Of course, there's up and down at work, it'd definitely be a lie if I said there's only the ups! It depends on how you deal with your downs, and your busy work life. I must say, I have an optimistic mind that I rarely take things too seriously when it comes to the down side. 

At work, I deal with patients from 2 years old to above 80 years old. A mixture of patients daily is something really interesting, compared to those office-based work when you just see the same group of colleagues daily, with repetitive routine. I, personally enjoys and feels happier when it comes to kids. Checking kids vision may be challenging, as some would co-operate with you when some don't. It is the joy when you listen to how kids think, what they say and their super-imagination! The question they ask is interesting too!!

Nevertheless, no matter what job/study you're in, you just have to find a way to enjoy it. Life's too short to be unhappy!!!

So I'd like to end my this blogpost with the latest Rihanna single, Where Have You Been. It is one of my favourite song from her Talk That Talk album. And I must say, I kinda like the tribal feel of this video, and is a little different from her usual eccentric-self. Enjoy!