Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Year

29th February 2012, is a special day, a Leap Year Day. 29th of February only comes once in 4 years. It's a special day to remember, but not to mention for those working, you're unfortunately need to work an extra day in 4 years.

In Irish folk tradition, a woman is allowed to proposed to her man on Leap Day and the man is not allowed to reject the proposal. He will be subjected to a fine if he rejects. On the contrary, in Scotland, it used to be unlucky for someone to be born on a Leap Day, just like Friday 13th. Nevertheless, it's just a folktale and depends if you are in it to believe or not.

So, on this February 29th, I wanted to do something 'special' but couldn't come out with a plan. I stayed at home, watching the infamous romcom, 'Leap Year', by Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. I've seen it in 2010 but in relation to this day, I watched it again.

The movie begins with America but settles in Ireland thereafter. I've been to Republic of Ireland during summer of 2010, with my BFF Stella. We visited Dublin and Wicklow. The movie started with the girl, Anna Brady would like to propose to her then boyfriend because he did not pop question. Coincidencely, he was in Ireland for a medical conference so she decided to fly actross the ocean to proposed to him in Ireland. Obstacles came along during her trip and then she met Declan, an Irish man. .... Long story short, they were married in the end.

Below are some shots from the movie and also in comparison with the movie scene I've been to in Ireland.

Parts of the film was shot in Wicklow, Ireland, and believe me, the scenery is magnificient!

They were both taken in Wicklow, near the Upper Lake area. (I can't remember the actual name). Watching the movie brought some flashback of my memories in Ireland, all the sweet ones.

The county of Wicklow is beautiful, just like in the movie, (although it's supposed to be 'Dingle' in the movie but was shot in Wicklow)

Anna Brady was supposed to travel from Dingle to Dublin with the help of Declan, and they finally arrived:

The iconic scene of Dublin.

St Stephen's Green, Dublin

And, they talked. Anna Brady and Declan O'Callaghan

I was there, too!!

The bridge.

Overall, Ireland is a really beautiful place to visit, with considerable nice people, and the Irish accent in Dublin is easy to understand!

And, on this Leap Day in 2012, me and my BFF Stella did the same thing by watching the movie 'Leap Year' without any prior acknowledgement. Great minds think alike although we may be a bit distance away! My Leap Day night continued looking into some of the great memories in the past!

Cheers y'all!! Have a great March ahead!


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