Friday, 11 May 2012

Famously British

There's always a time, when you have a sudden crave of certain food. It could be something you have not eaten for a long time, or something you really love!

Still remember the time when I was still in UK, Malaysian food, typically Nasi Lemak reminds me of home. I often drop by at a Malaysian Restaurant, Rumours, on Bath Street, Glasgow, just to have some authentic food from home. Nasi Lemak is a kind of luxury food in Glasgow. To read my previous review, click here or here. I'm now in Singapore, and of course, I still miss food from Kuching. 

Like I said, crave just comes of all sudden. Towards the end of April, there's this moment when I really want to eat Fish and Chips so, so badly! What's worst is that it was the time when I was about to sleep. During my university life, I can eat nice and fresh fish, chips and peas in my uni's refrectory for just £2.80! They do not use any fish but haddock! Mmmm... yum!!! In UK, you rarely get an awful fish & chips, even those from chippy shops are nice!! 

When I returned to Asia, I feel reluctant to eat Fish & Chips as bad experience told me it's no as fresh and as nice as any store in UK. Often, they would use cheaper fish, with very thin slice of flesh plus thick batter! Fish and chips originates from the Isle of British back during the time of first world war. It's famously known and available worldwide! Famously and proudly British!

I googled 'Singapore best fish and chips' (yes, Google is everyone's best friend), and the search engine suggested me a few fish and chips store and mostly are food chain. Until I read a person's blog plus I saw the website, I know the owner of Smiths Authentic Fish & Chips is half Irish and Scottish, and grew up in Liverpool. I was so excited and decided to give it a try! I do not want to go to the usual food chain. 

During Labour Day, May 1st, I, myself took the MRT to Paya Lebar and take a short bus ride to this place in Tanjong Katong. Luckily it's near me so I do not have to go too far for the long await food! 

This is it! After you get off from the bus stop as suggested by Google Map, it's just a short walk away!! I got so excited when I approach the store!

Entering the store, with the smell of the usual chippy shop, I feel overly enthusiastic! I just feel like a summer day in UK!

There it is! I ordered the legendary Fish (Haddock) & Chips! And also mushy peas! The wrap your food with paper, trying to be as authentic as possible because the Brits wrap fish & chips with newspaper on the outer later for insulation and absorb grease!

The first cut of the fish, makes me nearly tears! It's exactly like what I had back in UK!! And the chips is nice too!! Don't expect the usual fries you get from McDonalds because British chips are meant to be softer and fried with actual potatoes, not the frozen fries! 

The thickness, freshness, and size of fish is just right, and worth every penny (well, in this case, worth every dollar). The battered is just the perfect thickness and done it well! And of course, you have to eat fish & chips with salt and vinegar! That's the authentic way of eating. Not by adding tomato sauce or others! 

The mushy peas, yum, love it!!!!!!

From the picture, what do you think it is? Banana fritters? Fish fingers? Oh, no no.. It's wrong!
The famous chocolate bar that everyone should know, Mars Bars, is hidden in the batter! Yes, it is the well-known-from-Scotland FRIED MARS BARS!! When I first heard of it, I was like, 'What?! Fried Mars Bars? That's just odd!" And I didn't get a chance to try it when I was in Scotland. Scottish eats pretty unhealthy food, including fried pizza! No offence. 

This is it!!! The taste is so good that I can't describe it with words. The fusion of hot batter expect it to be eaten with something salty, instead, it's sweet in the inside for its Mars Bars!! I must admit it is sweet but I can tolerate sweetness as I occasionally eat brownie for breakfast! This fried Mars Bars is good to share as dessert with your friend(s). I highly doubt anyone can finish the whole bar. It's worth a try, especially when served hot!

When I'm typing this blog, I am already thinking when to go back there and have my newly found favourite fish and chips store? I saw many of the owner's regulars went for fish & chips, mostly expats. My first experience with them would definitely bring me back there many times! 

Smiths Authentic Fish & Chips
230 Tanjong Katong Road,
Singapore 437018 

Open all week:
1130am – 11pm daily

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