Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I know I have not been blogging for a while. Been too busy.

When you were younger, I'm sure you have encounter the time you need to write an essay related to your hobby. Kids normally would have the 'generic' kind of hobby like drawing, collecting stamps (anyone still does that now?), etc. As you grow older, you realised, due to various reasons, you may not have a hobby. Life just goes on routinely.

As for me, being away from family for work, I found myself a new hobby! I am an optometrist, and things I love to do during my free time doesn't have anything to do with my work, although the result might still be 'eye-related'.

Since young, I'm into arts (not that kind of Victorian art or Monalisa-kind-of-thing), but more of modern art. I like to draw or illustrate, and I love craft! And I love colours! There was a time, a kid at work told me about this and I bought a starter kit, and now I am attached! I am into beads that if you're creative enough, you can literally make it into anything!

Look at the choices of colours! I have more colours and shared some completed art pieces with my close friends. 

Starting from scratch, I made it into an ornament like above photo. I was inspired by the Queen's Diamond Jubilee so I made this Union Jack which can be used as a decorative, collectibles or a keyring if you wish to! The process of making it is fun and on some occasion, I can make 2-3 art pieces a night! I made it all out of leisure, and hence it's a hobby!!

I made myself a few necklaces and even a name tag for my desk at work, too!! I can't wait to share more of my art pieces with you!! 

Till then, x.o.x.o

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