Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Mad as a Hatter

Johnny Depp is brilliant! From Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of Carribean to Mad Hatter of Alice in the Wonderland. Totally love the character of Mad Hatter!

I Wikipedia the movie and found that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp went to the extreme side of the movie, to make it more fantasy. The funny thing is, Johnny Depp trying to use Glaswegian Scottish accent in the movie. How can I not notice that? Oh yes! In case you noticed the word 'extreme', then you know in the English speaking world, Glasgwegian accent if definitely difficult to understand. (I'm still kinda half-know-half-not-sure state about Glasgwegian accent, althought I know how to communicate with people in Glasgow).

Anyway, the movie is definitely a MUST-SEE. I love it and watching it the second time is fine for me.

The love for Alice in the Wonderland 3D is not over yet, many people still talk about it and many people still yet to see it. If you know the cartoon by Disney for Alice in the Wonderland, expect a bit of differences from the movie although can be quite predictable. My favourite character is still Mad Hatter that he's so cute in the movie. Even Facebook proved it for me!

Let me know what do you think of this movie? Mad-as-a-hatter!!


(p/s: I'm in the library hence do not have much time to blog in details about this movie)

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