Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I'm broke (for good)

...impecunious by more than £800 now! It's a huge amount that I can fly home tomorrow for my air ticket with that price, and includes some extra money for my duty free shopping!

So why??

I just got myself my very own Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscope! I feel more like a proper optometrist now! You should be scratching your head or have huge question mark over your head what are those stuff? And why do I need to spend a fortune on that?

Keeler Specialist Ophthalmoscope & Retinoscope Set. Manufactured in the UK by the British company. Favourite Keeler instrument of all time!


Looks like I have a set of some sort of gun! No! They are not! (BTW, anyone knows if I can bring this through the security of the Airport when I travel with this in my cabin luggage?)

Specialist Ophthalmoscope. Finest in the world!

Then, it comes with a free gift that I love a lot!!! Pocket Ophthalmoscope!

It's so small and I can just carry it around in my pocket! I tried it and it's not bad at all!! Worth more than 180pounds!

The one on the left is a Retinoscope; the right is an Ophthalmoscope. Will explain what they are used for in 2 seconds.

NOW, I'll tell what are they used for.

Ophthalmoscope: an instrument that Ophthalmologists and Optometrists use for checking the health of the back of the eye, specifically retina. Also it can also check the anterior segment of the eye. There's lots of diseases that are sight threatening starts from the back of the eye. Hence it is crucial to have your eyes checked by an optometrist once every two years! And, I can also know if you have diabetes by only seeing the back on the eye. It's the only visible sign in human body in detection of diabetes. The easier one, cataracts can be seen often. I've seen quite a few patient with cataracts now.

Retinoscope: an instrument optometrist used to estimate the power (or vision) of a person's eye. Can also see if there's any fluctuation in different media of the both eyes. It has a better estimation than auto-refractor. And i can only neutralise your power together with other instrument.

It comes with a charging dock so these two things are just perfect! No need to worry about batteries or power supply. I can use them anytime as long as they are charged!

If you catch me around somewhere, ask me if I have my ophthalmoscope with me then I can check the health of your eyes for you! I love to see different eyes!

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