Monday, 9 November 2009

Backstreet Boys live in Glasgow SECC, 7th November 2009

This is my 100th post for my blog, dedicate it to Backstreet Boys!

I said in my previous post that I am going to Backstreet Boys concert. I've seen the concert and everything seems to be still so fresh on my mind as if i just came back an hour ago!! I cannot stop myself for not listening to their songs over and over again.. Flip through all the pictures again, again and again!

So long story short, let you see pictures first:

Madcon from Norway, performing pre-show!

The boys! Singing "We've got it goin'"

Nick Carter, still my favourite! I've been trying all night to take a nice picture of him and I have loads of them!! (Lucky dancers to b able to get so close with him!)

Howie D! Though he's not as famous as the other 3, he seems to be very down to earth man.

AJ! Still rock like he always does! Did you notice that his face is getting rounder??

Brian Litrell! He's the lead singer! Man on the house!

Nick Carter is looking at you! No, no, he's looking into my camera for me! :P

I like this nice shot of four of them

DJ of the house! He's absolutely fantastic, just like Absolut Vodka! He plays drum too!

They still can dance, still can sing! Not lip-sync!

Awhh.. Bye bye!

So here's some video that I took for all of you to enjoy!

'I Want It That Way'- My favourite song of all time. This is the debut single for the album "Millennium" which is the first original CD I bought about 12 to 13 years ago! And I still love it! I was specially attracted when Howie sang out the word 'Glasgow' in the song. Listen to it carefully and you will notice it!

'Incomplete' from NEVER GONE album

Another classic song

As Long As you love me. If you remember their music video, Nick was so young back then, I think only about 16. His voice is still so youthful as before!

Next is their new single, 'Straight Through my Heart' from the 7th album called 'This is Us'

Hope you enjoy my post. If you get to know there's a Backstreet Boys concert in town, YOU MUST GO TO SEE, no matter if you're working or whatever. They are still perform in their best form like they always do.

p/s: All these photos and videos were taken using my Canon G10 camera. It has superb quality although i use my zoom to the max and even used digital zoom!


osweld said...

*sob sob* i like BSB too!!! hiaz u song lar!!! can go watch them live!!! AJ's face so big kii one~

Anna Bong said...

I really hope they can go to Malaysia!! I'd love to go to their concert again!!

Yes, I'm so lucky to be able to see them! My dream comes true! Hehehe..

AJ putting on a lot of weight, even when i compare the concert they had last year and now! Think bcos he quit drugs so put on so much weight!

Boniface said...

Ah! finally.

Anonymous said...
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