Saturday, 21 November 2009

Aberdeen Angus @ Sizzler's Steakhouse

What do u think of when you first see this picture??

Ugly. Black. Hairy. What else???
This is the well-known Angus Cattle, breed in Aberdeen. There's sheep in New Zealand, and there's angus in Aberdeen!

I am neither a food critic or an advertiser. I share my experience, just like how sharing the Jack Daniel's® Tower in T.G.I Friday with 5 other friends.

Why I talk about Angus? Not because I have a boyfriend who's name is Angus but I have ate Angus Steak for 3 times ever since I came to Glasgow. You can only get Angus Beef Burger in Burger King UK. That's why angus is precious to me.

It was a Christmas Eve when I first went there with my buddies for a wee Christmas celebration. We have not had steak fo quite a while so after some recommendation, we decided to head to Sizzler's Steakhouse for our Angus Steak! Their steakhouse is located at Merchant Square of Merchant City, Glasgow. That is a really nice area for a relaxing lunch or dinner, in an enclosed area with warm atmosphere.

Second time was the time when my friend came to visit me all the way from Aberdeen, and I brought her to this nice and cozy restaurant for Angus Steak. We both ordered Angus Sirlion Steak.

Served with Angus 80z Sirlion Steak with my Cosmopolitan. Table full of stuff!

Yummy!! Love it! Very full after eating this and we did not even order starter.

I love to take picture of candles. No matter which restaurant I am in. Cosmopolitan on the left. I think the scent of liqueur is too strong and made the drink bitter.

Overall the food there deserves 4 star out of 5. Recommended and excellent service too!

And yes, you're right! 2 course lunch for only £6.95! Add 1 pound if u want to have Angus Steak.

On the recent Monday, friends were here, so I brought them back to this restaurant again. This time, for lunch! The restaurant never fails me.

Starter: Pan Fried Mushroom. I love it because I am a mushroom lover!!

Again, my Angus Steak with Mushroom sauce! It's still so good! Love it! I would definitely go there if I want to have steak. Cheap and good!

Sizzler's Steakhouse
79 Albion Street,
G1 1NY

0141 5524200

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