Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday the thirteen. Unlucky???

The number 13 always linked to bad luck as believe by many. What do you think??

Well, leave bad luck behind and look for clover leaves. I won't say I always have bad luck, but just dont have the luck like winning lottery or bingo! I prefer doing things more realistic and trust myself instead of luck.

Rihanna is always my favourite pop princess, and listen to most of her songs. Follow her news and would REALLY love to see her in person one day.

Then, there once saw an advert, "Nokia presents Rihanna – a live preview of selected tracks from her new album "Rated R". ", and may get a chance to win tickets for 2 to see her live in LONDON!! Since it's an easy competition, I joined...

TELL you what.... I GOT THE TICKETS!!!

What a luck!!! I never ever thought i will get those tickets free.. HOW LUCKY, RIGHT?

The problem is, I might have contact lens clinic on Monday which I cannot miss. Then another must-attend-or-you-will-get-your-marks-down seminar on Tuesday morning. I found train tickets to go down from Glasgow to London, to-and-fro, for about 70quid! The time suits me and includes one night train from London to Glasgow..

Am I going to be so crazy for her, spend 70 quids to see her sing a few songs, then come back?? Is it worth it??

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ameagor_thenny said...

save your M...
Luck eh, try see things for a different angle(nothing to do with eyesight) and you might take things for how they happens much better, work for me:)

not much fun i screwing with your own eh^^