Friday, 6 November 2009

Backstreet's BACK!! - 'This is Us' TOUR

Just read a news minutes ago that Backstreet Boys is flying to Glasgow today from Berlin after attending the European MTV Music Award. I am excited. Anyone has a clue which flight are they on?? I'm a crazy fan of them!! "WOOOOOOO!!!"

I just bought their album recently (you will know if you follow my blog closely, see here!) and it bring backs lots of my memories since I'm in primary school. For those who were about my age and listens to English songs since young, I believe you too, had once fell in love with Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Spice Girls or 5ive! Girls out there, don't tell me you never been crazy about Nick Carter before. Hmm...

FYI! I am going to BACKSTREET BOYS concert tomorrow in Glasgow! My first ever concert!

My tickets arrived last week!

In early October, Brian Litrell was diagnosed with Swine Flu while shooting their new music video 'Bigger' in Japan. I was so worried that they are not going to make it here in Glasgow. Now he has fully recover and everything is back to plan.

Anyway, I am extremely excited and been listening to their song over the week, over and over again. They already had their first two concert in Newcastle and Manchester. I will be seeing them here in Glasgow LIVE!

Here's a few song from their new 7th album that I really like:
  • Straight Through my Heart
  • Bigger
  • Masquerade
I own quite a few of their album, mostly originals. I will buy originals if I support the singer. I have 'Millenium' (1999), 'Black & Blue'(2000), 'Greatest Hits: Chapter One'(2001), and the current one, 'This is Us'.

Their song brought me up through my life, been listen to their song a lot more than any other singer I can say, just like people love Michael Jackson or Bee Gees.

Every album brings back my memories. 'Never Gone' (2005) album brings back memories of things that happen in college- friends, study and life! I listen to their song on my mp3 while studying in Inti College's library. They bring me through my hazardous exams.

(Continue to listen to their song now so that I won't miss a word of their lyrics and can sing with them!)

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