Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Everloving Edinburgh

Many times, I hope for a prestidigitation, to turn back time, seeing old friends and flashing memories.

Sunshine has glare most part of UK, and it's the season of Spring that flowers blossom. Also, season I adore. Follow by Spring, it came the one week Easter break. I make 'full use' of it, by having so much witty time. :P

Edinburgh is my choice of destination. To meet up with my dearest friend whom I known ever since I came to Glasgow, Stella. She is such a lovely girl, who now moves to Edinburgh for work. I miss her quite a lot as we share a lot of common interest.

Together I have 4 other friends with me, going to an alluring city. It was the first trip for some. Mine, second.

The girls, upon arriving.

Been to the castle, been to the main attraction.
This time: Queens Gallery, Holyrood Palace & Park, Dynamic Earth.

Been a weather conscious myself, I am excited with the fabulous weather we had. Just nice and alluring.

Myself, I like the Holyrood Park, took a wide angle picture of it.

Last but not least,

Our delighted faces has prove everything. We are happy.


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