Thursday, 16 April 2009

Liking Scotland

Living in Scotland for about 2 years now. Nothing much here that I don't like, apart from not having a car to drive around.

Still remember the first day I enroll in this friendly university, a lecturer from US, who's my programme leader of First Year, approached me as I went into the room and said, "You're here for Optometry, right? Come on in!" and followed by "I remember your last name as Bong but I can't remember your first name,"

At that instance, I knew I have made a right choice to come all the way, half the globe to Scotland, just for a university degree. He's Dr Harry Obach and I don't even know who he is when I first met him!

Everytime, whenever I'm bored or wanted to release some post-exam stress, I would go for a shopping. As usual, shopping in Glasgow main street (Buchanan St), you will always hear street artist, playing bagpipes and I just fell in love with the music.

I enjoy the rhythm while walking around, even if it's just window shopping. Some might find it annoying but I am different.

For a while, I have not bought any chocolate as I have bought too many few months ago. I have like unlimited supply of chocolate in my room. You'll always get to eat them if you come to my room!

It's been a week since my holiday and I only have a few days of it. Happy moment went away so quickly! I have not done anything much serious for a while now. Should make full use of this holiday.

I had a great EASTER weekend, how about u??

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