Sunday, 26 April 2009

THE Yellow Boots

(you might need to know a bit of Malay in order to understand this post. don't worry, I'll explain a bit)

Boss: I'm going to show you the oldest television in the world.
King Kong: Is it?? Where? Boss, where's it??

Malay (English):
Tali (rope) + Besin (Basin)

(then the boss put the rope into the basin)
Boss: Look into the basin, and do u see reflection???
(the 2 worker, KingKong and AhGoon, look into it very SERIOUSLY,..)
King Kong & Ah Goon: Yes... there's some reflection..
Boss: Then you've just seen the world oldest television!! Because.. tali-besin!! (pronounced as tar-lee-bay-seen)

Still don't get it?
I teach u how to read:


(read them real fast..)

Then it might sounds like the Malay word for television which is 'televisyen'. It might not be a posh word but it does sounds like how the people in rural area get to know about TV for the first time then they will pronounce it as 'tali-besin'. HAHA!

ACTUALLY, the above conversation is adapted from a drama series from Singapore, a comedy. If you're a fan of it, you will know the boss i mention above is PHUA CHU KANG!! The drama series ended in 2007, and i had a recap of it from YouTube last night. It was part of my anecdote. I had a great laugh!!

"PCK Pte Ltd, best in Singapore and JB.... and some say Batam"
"Dont pray-pray"
(means don't play play)

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