Saturday, 25 April 2009

17°C on a Saturday

Alarm don't rings on weekends for me. As usual, i woke up pretty early on a Saturday morning, by the glaring sun that shine into my room. Sleeping until you wake up naturally just make your day feels good, what more to say it's a pretty Saturday morning!

Too bad I don't have plans to go out. I'm such a lazy bum. Gotta stay in to set up a timetable for my upcoming semester exams. Cannot afford to do badly in exams! Motivations!

Day out like this, with zephyr relieves the heat of sun, makes a spring day PERFECT! Miss those day of wearing a T-shirt with a skirt in Malaysia. I'll do the same in a few weeks time when weather permits.

UK does not has many funky places to visit, but when the weather is fabulous, taking picture anywhere is great. Anyone fancy a picnic, with checked mat and basket, eating sandwiches under the sun??


Boniface said...

aisehhhh... *lao chui nua*

Boniface said...

wanna go somewhere during May 20? I just don feel like staying in Aberdeen as my friends will be giving me meaningless surprises which I never like. just feel like spending some time at some place other than Aberdeen :/

Anna Bong said...

I'm sorry, Sarah. I can't make it on 20th. I have exam on 22nd. And will only finish on 27th. :(

Anything after that is fine for me.. :D

Boniface said...

Hmmm..oh wells. nvm then~hahaha