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Done with one exam and still have another one to go! I have things to share after the exam today, so I thought (why not?) spare a night off doing something that is not uni-related. This post is a wee bit long but I thought you would enjoy the pictures.

21st November 2010, I was out in town, off to the Christmas market, and got this yummy German Sausage. Weather was cold but was nice.

21/11/2010. Still no sign of snow yet. We (heart) snow.
These were the crowds from the Christmas Lights On celebration. Glasgow is a busy and crowded city, although not as busy as London. The night was just dry and cold!!

And here it is, first snow with my Winnie the Pooh.

27th November 2010. We heard a sudden cheer (not like someone who's drunk but cheer of a happy person), then we look out. It was the first snow of this winter. It arrives early, earliest in 13 years(?). It was snowing heavily and we waited for the right time to go out for pictures.

People had snow fight outside, having fun during the first snow. Normally, in UK, or particularly Glasgow for the past few years since I was here, first snow arrive in late December and it was jusr rain and snow. It wont be as thick as this during first snow. So, this year is weird.

27th November 2010. The residual of snow the following day was perfect! This is the backyard of my university. There was sunshine and snow. Beautiful.

28th November 2010. More snowfall the night before. Kept snowing till I think there's too much.
This is my university and the one on the right hand side is my faculty.

28th November 2010. We went out for a brunch, passed by George Square and again, there's snowfall. There's still lots of people out in town for Christmas shopping.

1st December 2010. Most of the snow melted and I thought I could wear my common boots rather than my snow boots. Looking out of the window, knowing it snowed overnight, and yes I have to put on my ugly snow boots again. I need to go out for my usual clinic, and I could not wear my snow boots for it. So, I need to bring another pair of shoes. It was quite troublesome and colleagues were also busy changing into proper outfit for our clinic to be professional.

I thought the weather was perfect for a day trip to the West End, so it was spontaneous trip after my clinic, bringing all my clinic gear (and no joke it was heavy), just try not to miss out any of the perfect scene. West End is my favourite reservoir of leisure.

1st December 2010. I thought this picture looks like as if I'm in Scandinavia, or somewhere in Austria. Love it!

And the famous touristy Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Some wee shop in West End, Byres Road.

Most people managed the snow well and even eat ice-cream when the temperature is the same as your freezer! People knows how to enjoy and look at its bright side despite the unpredictable weather.

And then, it kept snowing and it has caused much disruption to Central Scotland, including Glasgow (like I mentioned in previous post). Some of my classmate has problem coming in to uni and we have exams the following week. I told my friend who live far from Glasgow, if they need a place to stay the day before exam, I would love to accommodate them. Then it stop snowing over the weekend and weather seems fine.

6th December 2010. A day to remember. It was a SHOCK for the whole of Scotland. There's nothing we can do to beat mother nature. Snow arrives just during the peak time of the early hours of Monday morning, when most people are rushing to work. I woke up, look out of the window seeing Glasgow blanketed with snow again, I said to myself, "Yes, I hate snow now". And, oh dear, listening to the radio, many people were trapped in the snow for more than 8 hours in M8 Motorway. Till now, I heard the M8 Motorway was closed for 36 hours. Imagine people were in the car, trapped in motorway, cannot pee and no convenient store nearby, how miserable would it be.

I never felt as depressed and miserable in Scotland before. I went out to town that day, seeing many store in the mall are closed. I wondered "Is there a strike for Buchanan Galleries?", then I saw a note on most closed store that "Our store is closed today due to ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITION". There's not many people in town and it's as quiet as Christmas Day. This is not Glasgow. Not Glasgow. Many store closed earlier that day to ensure people can go back home safely.

This snow condition has placed Glasgow on hold for three days, causing Airport closure and transport disruption. Flights has been cancelled or delayed. It was so chaotic! Roads are icy and slippery. Grits supply do not arrive on time. Police department urged people not to get out of the house unless essential.

I went to supermarket today and find food are out of stock, even ready meals, especially pizza. Im not sure if people are stocking up food of just that supplies don't arrive on time. I feel like the city is shut! (Or the city going to invade by Aliens or Zombies that people won't go out).

I hate snow. Although I live in the city centre, I feel like I've been risking my life walking out there. So scary. Hope this gets over quickly. Oh well, I do hope it snows during Christmas though. I now can stand the temperature colder than your freezer at home, but the icy road is still my challenge.

Anyway, to prove how empty is Glasgow, here's a picture:

I took picture in the middle of the road. 6th December 2010. It wasn't late at night or early in the morning, but sky gets darker very quickly during winter. There was no car and so quiet. It's not like the busy metropolitan city of Glasgow.


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