Saturday, 4 December 2010

Life's different when it snows.

Have not been blogging for a while. Was really busy and still is. Last weeks weather was chaotic and being causing lots of disruption. Friends can't come to uni as snow thicken up to knees. People can't go to work because there's no transport available to be functional on road.

Snowing is pretty but there's nothing we can control the weather. Too much snow is like flood in Malaysia, both made up of water. I'd prefer snow just for a week and that's enough to cheer most people up. Snow melted now and it's so slippery. It takes me 10 minutes to walk on a 15 seconds route. Knock on wood, I do not want to fall on my bum.

Anyway, I'll update where possible as I may have exciting plan to announce!!!

Anna xx

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ameagor_thenny said...

it would be fun to try it once...for us who haven't been somewhere with snow:D