Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My ever-oh-so-lovely-one-and-only Christmas Card from home!

Woke up late on the morning on 2oth December, then as usual I always switch on my laptop before going to brush my teeth. (Yes, that's my routine daily unless I'm running really late)

On my browser, I have bookmarked some tab that I use always. Not to mention, it's Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, and then Yahoo! UK news.

I got an email from my parents, and turned out they sent a Christmas card to me, specially made by my dad. It's so lovely, isn't it?

It's so cute! But wait, what are these little shoes? My mum has a habit of keeping stuff, for many many years. Then over the weekend they found these cute little shoes of mine, during the time when I dont even recognise things. And, it's just during the time when I just have colour vision and start seeing the world. My dad took pictures of these little shoes and compiled them into this one and only Christmas card for me.

I love this card very much and thanks to my beloved mum and dad! Too bad I missed another Christmas with them but my heart is always there. I will be home for Christmas next year.


p/s: I'm leaving Scotland soon, away to Manchester, London then Austria for my Christmas and New Year breakaway! I will be inactive in my blog again!

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Sarah said...

These shoes are gonna be ur daughter's next time! LOL