Thursday, 4 February 2010

Back from Paris; back to reality

Coming back from a trip to Paris and enjoyed the fantasy in Disneyland, I'm still in the mood of holidaying. Traveling is so relaxing, forget about the worries and just enjoy! I miss it!! The last Paris trip, I went with my high school friend, Sarah. It's always fun to travel with her and not sure when's the next one.

Now, back in uni. Things don't look that easy. Timetable is really full, heavier workload and tougher! One of the most approachable lecturer said to us, "... put your social life on hold just for this FOUR months. This will be the toughest semester for the course." ALRIGHT, I'll have to work hard now. Glance through lecture notes, and yes, they are tough! I want good results! I'm a geek!

I have lots to say about the fantasy and happiness I had in Disneyland although it's my second trip there, still feel like a kid! I need to choose photos and will upload in facebook and some of them exclusive to my blog here!

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