Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

The loud crackling sound of firecrackers, colourful blazing fireworks and the drums of lion dance, marked the people welcoming the year of Tiger. ROAR! Let us all be strong and tough like a tiger!

Seeing the glorious food on the table, I had a good dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY). Traditionally, families gather together on the eve of CNY to have dinner and a long chat, and waits for the clock to chime at 12 midnight. That time, firecrackers spurred the streets, although it's illegal to do so. Every family hope the God of Wealth heard them and brings prosperity to the family.

Again, this year, for the third time, I celebrate CNY without my beloved family. I am stucked in Scotland, still in uni during this festive season. Everyone back home in Malaysia is having a break and catch up with long lost friends. I missed the time we had open house during CNY, that I invited my friends over for food and fun! Wondering when is the next time there will be a chance like that??

Anyway, hope love and prosperity is with you this year. Let's roar to live another year of greatness!

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