Thursday, 17 January 2008


Although it might be a little bit late, but still HAPPY NEW YEAR!

[Picture (above): Me and Stella, happily drinking on the move!]

We want warm and nice eat-in New Year's eve party, so that is what we basically had as main meal. We have deserts and lots of drinks as well!

My flatmate, Wen, and I were preparing Hainam Chicken Rice for dinner. Isn't it amazing? Eating very local Chinese food in Glasgow.

We were having so much time enjoying out New Year's Eve to welcome 2008! We played monopoly and twister. Twister was fun and you REALLY have to be flexible to be survive in this game. Picture above: Min Shan, Crystal, Me and Stella (can only see her legs) looking tired after playing Twister... It's fun!! I played 3 times continuously and when i want to play for the fourth time, no one bothering me. :( It's ok. It's great!

Do we sound boring on a New Year's eve? Maybe.. But we we enjoying ourselves very much and I do not even know how to explain the feeling. It's another memorable event in Glasgow that I will never forget. Of course, I have superb friends with me!

APART FROM THAT, I am really happy to have Roselyn to join me in Glasgow for New Year! It's really a long tiring journey for her to reach Glasgow. I am so touch and hope she will come again. She only stay in Glasgow for a couple of days but Glasgow is too big to explore within this short period. Well Roselyn, hope you really have good memories of Glasgow and WELCOME you to come again!

Friends, I really love all of you to come to Glasgow and visit me! This is a nice place, great people, great city!

I had an amazing New Year with nice New Year Resolution. So what's yours?

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